Hakka Tour around Double Haven, HK
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    Central Pier 9 to meet the bus

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    Wouter van Marle

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last day to register: 2017-11-10

For centuries the Hakka people of southern China have settled the area around Double Haven and been involved in farming and fishing. As Hong Kong developed and prospered many of the inhabitants of these shores and the surrounding islands moved into the city or emigrated overseas in search of other fortunes. Luckily, some stayed on and have continued to preserve their culture and way of life and this tour, led by Wouter van Marle with his indepth knowledge of these people and their customs, will visit two interesting examples of places where time seems to have stood still. The first village on the itinerary is Lai Chi Wo on the shoreland of the Plover Cove Park and the second is Kat O situated not very far away on Crooked Island.

This all-day tour begins at Central pier at 7:30am with a bus ride to the Ma Liu Shiu Ferry Pier where you will meet our guie, Wouter. A ferry ride and a speed boat tour will bring you to the actual communities to be visited. It should be both a fun and informative day with a fascinating glimpse into a piece of Hong Kong that has all but disappeared. Come and catch that glimpse while it's still there.