TGIF Alvys
  • Date


  • Time


  • Address

    8 Holland Street- Kennedy Town

  • Price

    members own expense

  • Teacher / Host

    No Teacher

Min. number of participants to launch: 8

last day to register: 2017-12-14


TGI Fridays is a new concept that Mozaic is offering to members. Twice a month we will make reservations for our members at newly opened restaurants in Hong Kong. This is a great opportunity to experience some of the latest culinary offerings. Members should join the dinner on our calendar page as there will only be space for 8-10 people. There will be no charge in advance and members can settle at the restaurant. We would be happy to hear any feedback from you.

Our first selection for TGI Fridays is Alvys, a New York style pizzeria in Kennedy Town. The restaurant has had many rave revues about both the food and décor. It is a cozy New York style neighbourhood restaurant. The pizza is made with sourdough and there are several pizza choices on the menu with a local flavour such as the Bak Gwe made with Char Siu or the Ma La Di Da which is Sichuan inspired. Not only the food menu has an original twist to it, but the drink menu is also very interesting, covering local and international craft beers as well as a selection of American Craft Whiskeys.

This promises to be a fun ending to the week for Mozaic members.