Oct 02, 2017

Globe Beer Tutoring

In Cervesio Felicitas!

In Beer Lies Happiness!


The beverage we know as beer today has been around for thousands of years. 7,000 year old pottery jars discovered from modern-day Iraq show traces of beer fermentation and production.

Traditional small-scale breweries sprouted in European countries centuries ago. Pubs and bars and modern microbreweries are still a huge part of the European culture and lifestyle.


Craft Beer            

The Craft Beer revolution of late 1970s America, especially after the legalization of home brewing in February 1978, was a game-changer for the craft beer industry.

The first Great American Beer Festival held by Hilton Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado, hosted a mere 20 breweries with only 35 beers. Today, the annual festival boasts of as many as 3,800 beers – and counting! – every year.

The Brewers Association defines Craft Beer as the beer produced by breweries that are ‘small, independent and traditional.’ Small – 6 million barrels of beer or less produced annually by the same company, accounting for less than 3% of U.S. annual sales. Independent – not under more than 25% control by any other member of the alcohol industry. And Traditional – the majority of all beer produced by fermentation of traditional or innovative ingredients. For example, flavoured Malt Beverages (FMBs) are not considered to be of a traditional make.

From a market that was heavily dominated by macrobreweries for the major part of the 20th century, the disruptive craft breweries have secured a large chunk of that business in a relatively short period of time. In America, the home of the Craft Brewing Revolution, the Craft Brewing Industry holds around 12% share of the $100 billion American Beer Industry.

Most of the major players of the Craft Brewing Industry started off as home brewers. Their success stories are the face of this industry.

Today, American-style craft breweries have spread throughout the world, reaching the traditional beer-making countries of Europe, Africa, Latin America and even Asia.


Craft Beer in Hong Kong             

For a city booming with American and British expats, Hong Kong joined the brewing bandwagon quite late. It has been less than a decade that Hong Kong has really begun to flourish in the craft brewing business.

Now that craft brewing has sprouted, local brewers and tourists believe that this new beer craze is one that’s here to stay. It won’t fizz out any time soon!

Indeed, the craft beer scene has grown so big in Hong Kong that Beertopia Hong Kong, unofficially the biggest beer festival in Asia, will be hosting 87 locally brewed beers out of the total 500 being featured.

The spirit behind the Hong Kong craft brewers is the same as that of their American predecessors. Although the beer scene in Hong Kong is considerably smaller than that in America, it holds the same promise of expanding fast and becoming a power to reckon with in the industry. Young Masters, Hong Kong Beer Co., Gweilo, etc. are some of the local brewers making a major mark in the market.


The Globe    

The Globe is a proud member of the The Craft Beer Association – Hong Kong. This gastropub (given five stars and called a “... superb, homely gastropub” by Time Out Magazine – HK) has earned its reputation over the years. In spite of changing location, The Globe has retained its loyal clientele, only improving in both quality and promise.

The enormous collection of local brews and international concoctions on offer is the trademark of the pub. Divided into sub-sections of draught, lager, pale ale, cider, bitter, brown, etc., the menu is comprehensive and runs deep. If there’s a beer you dream of, chances are you’ll find it here! Every sub-section plays host to a large number of beers, including at least a handful of locally brewed beers.

Even just a few years ago, this would not have been possible. Local beer in Hong Kong was not a ‘thing’! Even those available were generally very poor in quality.

The Globe provides an authentic British pub experience… while remaining very grounded in its Hong Kong roots.


Happy Hour

This month, gear yourself up to dive into an ocean of beer! Mozaic Club is organizing a Happy Hour event at The Globe on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Snacks will also be served to complement the excellent brews!

Intimidated by the length of the menu? Don’t get overwhelmed! We provide tutoring and assistance in choosing your glass. All you need to do is relax and appreciate the different brews on offer!

A trial of 7-8 different types of beer will be offered to guests.



Mozaic Club will be conducting Happy Hour beer tasting and trial, with snacks to complement, at The Globe, Garley Building, 48-52A Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong, on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, from 7 – 9pm. If you’re interested in joining us, do visit our website or Facebook page:  


https://www.facebook.com/pg/mozaiclub/events/. See you there!


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