May 07, 2018

Wine pairing dinner on Tuesday, 29 May 2018 at Armani Prive


Enthrall your senses at the wine tasting/pairing event at Armani Prive in Central; with the combination of gourmet Italian food and the handpicked selection of wines from two notable vineyards from Italy! Each course of the meal has been paired with the most delectable wine to complement the dishes on the menu and leave you with an experience you won’t forget anytime soon. 

Guests will be welcomed with the Vermentino di Toscana from Villa Poggio Salvi followed by the Lugana Marogne 2016 from Zeni 1870, two of the most exquisite wines from two family-owned vineyards in northern Italy. And that’s only the beginning. Among the other wines you will experience are the Ripasso Superiore di Zeni 2015, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico and Vigne Alte from Zeni 1870; the Tosco, Super Tuscan, Sangiovese 2015, Brunello di Montalcino 2011 from Villa Poggio Salvi.  All wines will be perfectly paired with exquisite Italian food in the private and intimate dining room at Armani Prive.  There are only 12-seats available.


The four-course meal starts with an appetizer of Veal carpaccio, followed by Porcini mushroom garganelli, then a choice of beef or fish for the main, followed by Armani’s tiramisu for dessert. Each course will be perfectly paired with a wine from one of our two featured vineyards.  This evening, is sure to be a journey through the senses, from the Tuscan country side of Montalcino, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea to along the shores of Lake Garda to the commune of Bardolino, in the Province of Verona, about 130 kilometres west of Venice. Both vineyards hosting the event are rich in history and have their own long-standing traditions as well as their own remarkable stories. Let’s take a dive into the vineyards and how they came to be.


Villa Poggio Salvi



Owned and operated by Luca Belingardi, Villa Poggio Salvi takes pride in their modern methods to produce traditional wines. Based in Montalcino a hill town and commune in Tuscany in the province of Sienna, the vineyard’s location has been well known for its spectacular wines as early as the 16th Century. 


The vineyard was purchased in 1979 by Belingardi’s grandfather Eng. Pierluigi Tagliabue and in 1998, they added a brand new estate, Casavecchia, expanding their repertoire to include the Chianti Colli Senesi, Tosco and Lavischio based on Sangiovese and Merlot. Villa Poggio Salvi, at present, consists of 21 hectares of vineyard with soil that is rich in clay and at the height of around 300-500 metres affording a climate which is optimum for growing grapes, owing to the sea breeze.



The cellars at Villa Poggio Salvi are one of the biggest attractions of the vineyard, designed by Enric Miralles in 1990, a surprising mix of classical and modern architecture. The cellar is neatly built into the terrain’s physiognomy and stands naturally in line with the curves in the land.


Zeni 1870



Bartholomew Zeni was a local cart man, delivering goods to the nearby town of Lombardy in around 1870. Among the goods he carried, was very often wine, something Zeni was always infatuated with. He started trading in wine soon enough and his children Fausto, Elena and Frederica Zeni grew up with the love of good wine, learning the nuances of flavour and gaining an appreciation of the art of winemaking early on.


Fausto Zeni is now an oenologist and agronomist while his sisters Elena and Frederica are trained in exports and sales, making their family well suited to run a vineyard and wine company with the help of their mamma, Mariarosa.


Elena Zeni recalls the flavours and memories from her childhood which helped her develop into the person she is today. Heritage and tradition are still alive at Zeni 1870, as is evident from the words of Elena Zeni as she reminds us that good wine starts from the soil. Elena mentions that we should respect and nurture mother nature and that we’ll be well taken care of in return!


Not only is this vineyard known for its exquisite wine, it is also a very popular tourist destination and opens its doors to anyone who would like to take a peek into the marvellous world of wine making, should you find yourself in Italy! You can book a guided tour of a the vineyard and get a chance to visit the amazing wine museum and the Enoteca to sample your favourite wines straight at the winery!



Why not join Mozaic Club’s exclusive and private wine tasting dinner and dine with Luca Belingardi and Elena Zeni while listening to them discuss their wines and professions?


Details for the wine pairing dinner, to be held on Tuesday, 29 May 2018 in the private dining room of Armani/Prive, 2/Floor of the Landmark Chater Building, Central, HK.


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