Jan 05, 2018

Preserve Friendships at Mozaic's January 2018 Happy Hour


Located in the heart of SoHo, 12,000 Francs embraces the chic vibe and multicultural spirit of the bustling district. The unique restaurant serves European cuisine with the most distinct and delicious twist.




In 1795, Napoleon Bonaparte had offered 12,000 Francs to anyone who could devise a method for preserving food for his conquering armies. A connoisseur of confectionary at the time, a man named Nicolas François Appert, devised a technique that went onto win him the emperor’s prize and appreciation.

He used wine bottles to store food. The bottles were heated till boiling point and then sealed. This method became so well known that it is even used today.

We’re all looking for ways to preserve our friendships, here at Mozaic. So why not, we asked ourselves, plan our next event at a restaurant whose theme centres around preservation?!

Preservation is at the heart of what 12,000 Francs tries to achieve with its cooking style. The restaurant employs preservation methods like smoking, salting, curing, etc., both traditional and contemporary, to prepare food for its customers. The menu itself is reflective of this style and is divided into four major sections: Pickled + Potted, Smoke + Salted, Vacuum + Fire and Sugar + Sweet.

Operated by the husband and wife duo Chris Woodyard and Bronwyn Cheung and captained by Chef Beach, the restaurant serves a variety of portions and sizes. It has a wide range of starters, brunch, mains, sharing plates and desserts. The menu includes items as varied as sourdough bread, smoked coral trout, tiger prawn rillettes, cote de boeuf with whisky and cocoa nib butter emulsion. Apart from the meat, the place also serves some lip-smacking vegetarian dishes.




The dessert selection of the restaurant is also something that you would not want to miss out on. The signature Nutella and Toast doesn’t just look tempting, but tastes amazing too! People have gone as far as to say that it is better than Nutella itself!

The restaurant space is a total charmer, lending to a relaxed place for conversation and observation alike. Designed by Australian designer Emma Maxwell, the space is a quiet respite from the hubbub of SoHo. Enter the restaurant to the urban elegance of teal coloured walls with soft lighting. The vintage patterned tiles add to the European character of the place. The guests are greeted at the communal Sommelier’s Table. This area is perfect for enjoying wine before or after the meal. The Sommelier’s Table also gives the restaurant an opportunity to switch from a cosy dining place to a dazzling night bar, depending on who wants to experience what!

Apart from the food, the restaurant serves an array of wines. Their wine collection includes as many as 80 different labels, with the majority being new world wines. There are some boutique wines as well, making the wine menu quite an intriguing read. Cocktails are also a much-loved part of the menu, with the barrel-aged Manhattan and the Gin and Tonic on Tap being crowd favourites.


This restaurant, with its brilliant ambience, carefully chosen wine selection and sumptuous food menu makes an ideal venue for Mozaic Club’s January 2018 Happy Hours event. With everything going for this centrally located, elegant little restaurant, Mozaic Club has chosen this space to host a warm, intimate wine tasting, just for their members. We’re looking to kickstart the New Year with this Happy Hours event, and looking forward to all our members joining us!

12,000 Francs’ reputation, especially when it comes to wine, makes it top the list of restaurants at which to hold a wine tasting. The wine menu provides an opportunity to try the newest wines in the market.

Our short but intense wine tasting includes a selection of 4-red and 4-white, both new- and old-world wines.




In addition to tasting these wines, the event also presents the perfect opportunity for the old members to meet after the New Year’s celebrations to discuss ideas, and for new members of the club to reconnect with the regulars.

So, enjoy the wine, the preserved delicacies and the sparkling conversation while you toast the young new year with old friends and new!




Mozaic Club is pleased to host a complimentary Happy Hour at 12,000 Francs, 43a Elgin Street, SoHo, on January 10, 2018, from 7 – 9pm for all club members.   If you would like to join us, please let us know by Monday, 8 January 2018.  




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