Oct 18, 2017

Nature Reserves In HK


Nature’s Plenty

The charm of nature in the concrete jungle cannot, in our humble opinion, be overemphasized. The Mai Po marshes and other wildlife reserves under the conservation and care of the World Wildlife Fund make for a wonderful escape, without needing to travel too far from the city.


Mai Po Marshes

Mai Po Marshes are a rare and rich biosphere, and a haven to more than just weary city-slickers! Thousands of migratory birds visit this ecosystem in the autumn and winter, and the spring and summer see the marshes bustle with vibrant insect life. The plump gei wai shrimp fill the marshes in these seasons as well.

The wetlands around Mai Po marshes and Inner Deep Bay offer visitors a chance to experience Hong Kong’s biodiversity first-hand.

The WWF manages and protects this site of scientific interest, and makes visiting Mai Po easier by organizing tours to suit the season.


WWF in Mai Po

Since 1990, WWF has been collaborating with China’s State Forestry Administration, other Government Departments and NGOs in the Mai Po Marshes.

The environment protection agency prioritizes the conservation of wetlands to preserve the integrity of the East-Asian Australasian Flyway. Towards this goal, WWF offers training courses which take place in Mai Po Nature Reserve, during which wetland conservation experts from mainland China share philosophies, principles, information about current technology, and the experience of wetland management and environmental education.

As of 2016, WWF has organised more than 400 of these training courses at Mai Po, involving a total of more than 4,500 participants.

WWF uses Mai Po Nature Reserve and the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site as best practice examples to illustrate how to plan and implement wetland management and environmental education programmes and spread awareness of the value of wetland ecosystems to both human beings and wildlife.


WWF Tours in Mai Po Marshes

WWF provides organized tours to the Mai Po Nature Reserve, with groups visiting the Reserve under the care of professional eco guides who will lead you to some interesting and off-beat spots.

Mai Po is home to over 2,050 local and migratory species of birds and animals, forming the unique biodiversity of the reserve. Your WWF guides will give you information about the birds that you will see and hear around you.

The guides take you along a 2km nature trail within Mai Po Nature Reserve to visit the gei wai, fishponds and bird hides.


Happy Buffalo

Biodiversity, and the vast numbers of migratory water birds that Mai Po supports every year make this Reserve one of the best locations in Hong Kong for natural scenery.

The Reserve is also home to an amazing diversity of other wildlife, offering spectacles throughout the year.

WWF Hong Kong began a pioneering research project on the ecological benefits of buffalo grazing at freshwater ponds in 2006. Buffalo were introduced into the Reserve in the same year, and their presence benefits the diversity of the birds in unique and interesting ways.


Mangrove Boardwalk

With this unique Mangrove tour, organized by the WWF, visitors can walk along the floating boardwalk in the middle of a magnificent mangrove forest in the Reserve. Visitors enjoy a stunning view of the Inner Deep Bay from a floating bird hide. The support of a trained, professional nature interpreter and eco guide from WWF makes for one of the finest birdwatching experiences in Hong Kong.


The Magic of Migration

In the autumn and winter months, thousands of migratory birds come to Hong Kong, including 72% of all of Hong Kong’s bird species, and some globally endangered species such as Saunders’ Gull and a quarter of the world’s population of the Black-faced Spoonbill. They transform the city into a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Each winter, hundreds of thousands of these migratory birds visit and stay at Mai Po to feed and gain fat in their bodies, before flying back North for breeding. The WWF organizes tours to give visitors access to this amazing spectacle, guided by an experienced interpreter.



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