Jan 19, 2018

Italian foods, the traditional way… just for you!


Mozaic Club in association with Bite Unite brings to you a dining experience that will break the monotony of your everyday dining. The Rustic Italian Grub is an event where you don’t only get to experience food with your taste buds but with all your senses. Enjoy a scrumptious five course dinner, all while getting a glimpse into how it was prepared.


The ‘Rustic Italian Dinna’ being hosted by the Mozaic Club will provide an opportunity for its members to cook alongside the very talented fashion designer-turned-chef, G Ferretti. He prepares his meals with the same style and panache with which he directs his own fashion label Ethan’s Branding Co. After having worked in the fashion industry for several years, Ferretti entered the world of professional cooking only after moving to Hong Kong, and ever since then has been enriching palates with food that has been perfected as a result of years of observation and practice.




Chef G truly stands for the international spirit of Hong Kong. Born in South Korea, he was raised in New York by an Italian father and a Polish mother. Learning, as far as cookery is concerned, started at home with his parents preparing Italian and Polish meals for their friends and family.


Having started cooking for himself out of necessity when he moved out of home at an early age, Ferretti cooked only for himself until he came to Hong Kong. Even while cooking at home, Ferretti realised that he had the gift to taste a variety of food and replicate the flavours in his own cooking. After having cooked for years, the chef claims to be able to prepare almost anything other than French and Chinese food! His self-taught style and the fact that he has travelled far and wide reflects in his cooking. His dishes are wholesome and are always a hit with audiences of every age.


The evening will commence with Ferretti taking the assistance of volunteers as he cooks up delicious meals. The volunteers will get an opportunity to come up close and personal to Ferretti’s style of cooking.




He will talk to the audience about his cooking style and the techniques and methods that he has employed in preparing each meal. Not only that, some of the members will actually get a hands on experience as they prepare little parts of the meal like frying bread, preparing pasta, stuffing braciole, etc. At the end of the preparation session, the volunteers will also be able to compare the food they prepared with that of the chef!


The chef’s handpicked menu will include flavours that come directly from the ‘School of Ferretti’, as he describes it, as most of his Italian cooking is inspired by home. The dinner will kick off with a traditional Italian Antipasto, prepared with assorted pickled vegetables, grilled asparagus, roasted garlic and peppers with prosciutto and fried bread. It will then be followed by either braciole, a stuffed flank steak braised in pomodoro, or an eggplant parmigiana rustico.



The dinner will then advance with servings of meatballs with romesco served in traditional Ferretti family style. The main course of the meal will be homemade tagliatelle pasta with broccoli, cooked in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. For dessert, the chef plans to serve layered fresh berries with cream and crushed waffle crackers for a simple yet lip-smacking finish.



The Italian flavours will be complemented by Italian drinks, from a complimenting red wine, Chianti or a Peroni, an Italian beer.


The event is not just an opportunity to taste good food and to learn a few tips on how to cook Chef G style, but also a chance for the members of Mozaic Club to spend some time together while learning a new skill. This opportunity will offer a chance for the entire group to exchange new ideas and form new friendships… and probably even inspire a few of us to give cooking a serious shot!




The venue, Bite Unite, is tucked away in one of the quieter streets of Hong Kong, in Wan Chai. Bite Unite is a unique concept space, bringing together people who love to cook – be it professionals, semi-professionals or just hobbyists –and giving them a platform to impart their skills in a very welcoming, warm and comfortable environment. The space is fully equipped with all modern facilities for cooking, and boasts a lofty dining space. The fully-licensed co-working kitchen space provides inspiration for preparing great food and provides the perfect place for hosting exciting events.



The event will be held on Thursday, February 1, 2018 in the Bite Unite Kitchen, from 7pm to 10pm. Registration for the event closes on January 25, and there are limited seats – so make sure that you get yourself registered as soon as possible, to enjoy an evening of fine dining, drinking and cooking!


For Member:  Join Now


For Non-member: Please click the link to buy your tickets on Eventbrite. https://www.eventbrite.hk/e/rustic-italian-cooking-class-with-chef-g-on-thursday-evening-tickets-42342020122


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