Aug 02, 2017

Interview with Waterman's Bo Alfheim

Bo hails from the southern African nation of Namibia and has been in Hong Kong for the past seven years. He has lived in Big Wave Bay for the past four. Bo previously worked in the logistics field but hated it. When approached by his partner Antony Dickson, to form a surf school, he jumped at the idea and has never looked back. He inherited the love of surfing from his father, also an avid water sportsman. It seems it runs in the family.

They opened their “school” – Hong Kong Waterman – in October 2016 and it has proved very successful attracting both international and local enthusiasts. Most of those who’ve joined never really associated Hong Kong with being a good surfing locale. As Bo says: “It is also a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and have some good clean fun out on the water.”

He set our minds at rest by telling us that the last shark sighting here was in 1992 and that Big Wave Bay seldom experiences jelly fish infestations. That, at least, is good to know.

Bo and Antony are both avid surfers and paddle boarders and provide training in both sports as well as ocean swimming. “Surfing required good swells that normally occur during summer months but also sometimes in winter. Wet suits are normally required during the winter when the seas get very cold. Stand-up paddling is very much a summer sport but only on calmer days. We may sometimes have to switch and reschedule lessons depending on the prevailing conditions,” Bo explains.

He stresses how important it is to observe the highest safety standards when practicing the sports and so the first 20 minutes of all their lessons are dedicated to this. They also cover things like take off motions, how to catch waves, timings, balance, psyche and muscle memory.

“We try our best to ensure that each student rides at least one wave by the end of the first lesson. It is such an exhilarating experience that we are sure they will get hooked and want to come back for more,” Bo stresses.

His love of the sport is very evident and this enthusiasm is quite catching from the way he describes it. Bo is very keen to train anyone, irrespective of age or ability, because he’s sure they’ll enjoy the sport the same way he does. “We even run courses for kids and Antony runs a special session for children with autism on some Saturdays,” he adds. With these sorts of recommendations, who wouldn’t want to come along and give it a try?

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