Aug 02, 2017

Explorer and Professional Guide Wouter van Marle

Dutch by birth, Wouter van Marle is an experienced hiker and explorer who has resided in Hong Kong since 2002. “I got totally fed up with my office-bound job and decided to make my hobby my vocation. I began leading tours on some of my favourite hikes,” he mentions. He became a professional guide in 2013 and now specialises in ecological tours, historical walks and visits to the various Geoparks. His extensive knowledge of these areas allows Wouter to impart geological and biological information as well as provide the pertinent cultural and historical aspects of the sites visited.

In addition to the ever-popular hexagonal columns tour at the Geopark near Sai Kung’s High Island Reservoir, Wouter leads night-time excursions to view the fireflies at Tai Po Kau and bats roosting at Hok Tau, in the Pat Sing Leng Country Park. His other tours take you to coral formations, up mountain trails, through abandoned villages, where time seems to have stood still, and to explore some amazing waterfalls, tall cliffs, sea arches, caves and other coastal land formations.

As Wouter explains, “I want to offer an escape from the hustle, noise and traffic of the city and to introduce people to the exciting gems that adorn our beautiful countryside. There are many things that most people never even knew where right on their doorstep. My tours are either half- or full-day and can last between three and 10 hours. This includes the boat rides to outlying areas. I run the tours year-round. Times and durations can vary, especially in summer to avoid the possibility of heat stroke during hot summer days,” he explains.

He stresses how important it is to read the descriptions of each tour so you know what to expect. Some tours can be quite physical and involve scrambling and climbing, so you need to gauge your limits and come well prepared. It’s important to wear sensible shoes, bring drinking water and a snack to help recharge along the way.

His tours are a great way to get away from the city and have a fun and informative day out in fresh country air. You can enjoy some of the many green spaces that we are lucky enough to still have in this over-crowded domain. If Wouter feels he’s enriched your day out then, he says, that makes him feel he has achieved his aim.

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