Mar 02, 2018

Don’t Just Survive - Thrive


Bust the Belly Fat:  Nutrition for Healthy Weight Loss and Maintenance



No matter which stage of life you’re in – a teenager just discovering potential, or a career woman crashing through the glass ceiling – every one of us needs energy to perform, every day. We need the extra burst of energy to get moving on our goals and ambitions, and to make sure that we live every day the best we possibly can.


That’s why, Cristina Tahoces urges, we must begin using food as a tool. “Eat with purpose,” she promotes: “Eat with the purpose to sleep, love, and poop.”



Cristina is a Canadian trained Nutritionist with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition who lives in Hong Kong, owning and operating the Thrive Nutritionist Practice.


Her journey of discovery took her back to school where she learned about nutrition and its value, earning a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, bearing fruit in the form of Thrive Nutrition Practice, which Cristina lovingly describes as her third baby.


Many women, especially at later stages of their lives, share Cristina’s concerns about fat and its connected drain on our energy levels; after all, as we grow older, says Cristina, our metabolisms slow. Health requires us to be at an optimum weight as well; and so much more.


To be healthy, Cristina says, we need to focus on what we eat. We must “eat to perform”.


Her mantra is simple: to eat with purpose, to thrive, to sleep, love, and poop.




Cristina uses the science behind nutrition to help women recover their vitality. “Don’t give up food,” she says; “trade up!” With almost everything else in our lives, from cars to jobs and universities to homes, we’re always trying to trade our way up. Food should be no exception to this rule.


The act of ‘dieting’ invariably brings with it the pain of ‘giving up’ foods. This act of self-deprivation makes us feel fat; overweight; unhealthy; ugly. This negativity saps our energy still further.


Instead of ‘giving up’ food therefore, Cristina urges, why not get the best out of your food?


Foods that are processed or are farther away from their natural form are ‘dead’ foods, she says, and cannot help us achieve a vitalized state. No matter how ‘organic’ or exotic the ingredients, the more processed the food, the less it gives you in terms of nutrition.


For example, take chocolate, a quintessentially ‘dead’ food. When a bar of chocolate is replaced with something healthier and more ‘lively’, like chocolate flavoured avocado dip, it doesn’t only give you a tasty dish that satisfies your craving for chocolate, but also works to give you first class nutrition for a body that is better equipped at dealing with stressful situations.




As we grow older, we know what stress is, and we live every day with the debilitating effects of stress on the human body. Cristina firmly believes in relieving stress from the system by focusing on the sleep, love, poop regime. It combines the science of body nutrition with the simple love for a healthy and functioning body to give you holistic wellness and satisfaction. More importantly, it fills you with the energy that you need to take on the day.



Sleep deprivation is a problem millions of people suffer from these days. Our exhausting lifestyles mean that when it comes time to recharge, our bodies are unable to do so, leading to sleep deficits. This toxic cycle can be called the cycle of stress, where stress doesn’t allow our bodies to rest – all the while adding more stress, giving us further unrest.


Sleep is needed for mental resilience, and Cristina believes in gearing up towards healthy sleep from the minute that we wake up. She believes that our food choices, starting at breakfast, can impact our sleep patterns. She explains how having foods rich in nutrients like Vitamin C and B Complex, Magnesium and more, can help our bodies cope with stress better and improve our sleep cycles. “We can reach our goals only when we eat to sleep,” Cristina avers.



We’ve all heard the old adages; “Love how you feel”, “Self-love builds confidence and self-worth”, “We can do anything, if we love ourselves”. They are entirely true.


“After my pregnancy, I was overweight,” says Cristina. “This resulted in a lot of self-hatred. What’s more, I felt like my body was falling apart: I had chronic sinusitis and allergies to things I’d never had before.” Her banking career ended when her maternity leave did, and “against all logic, I coped by eating chocolate. That’s because eating is about emotion, not logic. We eat what gives us emotional rewards.”


Train yourself, therefore, to see live, nutrient-dense food as a reward. Living food is loving food.


Eat in a way to “face your day like the rock star you are!” Cristina urges. Show love to your body through food that is tasty and high in nutritional value. Every time we pick a meal that is high in nutrition, we are rewiring our bodies to feel loved and appreciated. When the body is happy, it’s not stressed. The less the stress, the better it functions, giving you a healthy physical system and a stress-free mind too!


As Cristina said to her daughters, “Love doesn't look like a heart-shaped box of chocolates; it looks like a bowl of guacamole.”



Poop is also a very important factor in determining your health. A clinical trial in 2015 shows that the bacteria living in our gut regulates serotonin production, the hormone that determines how happy you are.


A healthy gut is a sign of a healthy body. An unhealthy gut is responsible for many of the problems we face in our hectic lifestyles, from unexplained diarrhoea to constipation, or even chronic viral infections and illness.


A healthy poop, Cristina says, is a sign of a healthy body and is something that we should strive towards daily. Make your meals “pooptastic”, she encourages, by adding fibre to every meal, and drinking more water. Dehydration can cause excess gas, bloating, and constipation; meaning that drinking water is crucial for your health and your poop alike.


In her TEDxTinHauWomen talk on November 3, 2017, Cristina Tahoces said: “We have the privilege to make healthy choices. My goal is to own a resilient mind and body, that has guts and soul. I want to thrive, not just survive. So I eat with purpose. I eat to sleep, love, and poop.”



Mozaic Club is proud to bring to its members this message of health and wellness. We present Cristina Tahoces’ next workshop: Bust the Belly Fat: Nutrition for Healthy Weight Loss and Maintenance on March 13, 2018 at the Hive, Central from 19:30 – 21:00. It will discuss how to use nutrition to support healthy weight loss and maintenance.  Please click below button for more details.

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