Mar 23, 2018

Broaden your horizons . . .


To travel is to live. It’s not everyone who can embrace the sentiment behind this message. Adrian Bottomley is one of those inspirational, few.


Adrian has transformed his passion for travel into a successful career. Having graduated from the London School of Economics, Adrian is now based in Hong Kong, where he runs his adventure travel business Whistling Arrow, founded in 2009. Adrian is also an  International member of the Explorer’s Club.


This venture is a product of his love for exploration and travel. What became a catalyst for Whistling Arrow was the fact that he did not want the thrill of adventure and experiencing the far corners of Asia just for himself; he wanted to share the joy with others as well! Whistling Arrow – which he owns and operates, personally leading the groups through the paths he has travelled – has become a way to express his passion.


Adrian has spent the last eight years of his life organizing and leading pioneering expeditions through the quieter reaches of Asia. He has undertaken forty expeditions in less than a decade, and made each one of them a success. Thanks to the wealth of his experience and an expert eye, the travel entrepreneur possesses unparalleled information on his core travel destinations of China, Mongolia and Tibet.




Features of Adrian’s work feature regularly in places like Time Out magazine, South China Morning Post, Action Asia magazine, Plaid Zebra, Pebble magazine, and more.


What sets Adrian and Whistling Arrow apart from the competition is the nature of the trips. They are not run-of-the-mill travel experiences that can be arranged by anyone. Adrian designs every trip , typically treks to far-flung off-the-beaten-track destinations in Asia, to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Everything from the itinerary to the travel itself is crafted keeping previous personal experiences in mind. His treks involve traversing the unknown mountains of Asian ranges, integrated stays at Buddhist monasteries and local farmhouses plus some additional surprises that make the trip unique.


Since Adrian leads the treks on his own and does not leave the task in the hands of others, the expeditionists are offered a secure trip with a person who is experienced and well aware of the possible challenges that can arise and also how to tackle them.


His groups, which are largely made up of strangers, always come out of the trip with a sense of camaraderie; friendships that are formed along with lifelong memories. To misquote JK Rowling, there are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and exploring a previously unknown slice of the world is one of them!


That’s why Adrian holds such a secure base in Hong Kong with a band of loyal customers who come back for a different, yet equally thrilling experience, every time!



When Adrian is not leading tours in the far reaches of Asia, he loves to share his experiences and vast knowledge on the subject of Asian travel with others. He is an active member of the Explorers Club, Hong Kong, and he likes to collaborate with other photographers, videographer and travel bloggers for creating content. He’s also enthusiastic about sharing his expertise through brainstorming sessions in person or via Skype.


Adrian will be hosting a talk in April, where he will speak about some of the unique "out of the box" trips he has offered through Whistling Arrow in the past. He will also touch on the incredible benefits from embracing new challenges and experiences, and that by taking yourself out of your comfort zone you may find great opportunities for personal growth. Some of Adrian's past clients will attend the talk and share their own personal experiences when travelling with Adrian. During this trip travellers will also have time to build new friendships.


An exclusive escape

Mozaic Club, in association with Whistling Arrow, is offering a Yunnan Tour for members, friends and family.  The tour will be undertaken from  May 19-27, and has been designed in the signature style of Adrian Bottomley.


This epic trek will retrace part of the ancient trade route of Western China known as the Tea Horse Trail, said to have once taken several months to traverse. Teams of muleteers carried tea over the eastern Himalayas into Tibet in order to barter it in exchange for the plateau’s rugged horses.




The trek will allow the explorers a glimpse into the life of rural China by staying at farmhouses and getting a chance to interact with the local village folk. The moderately challenging route will run through villages, foothills and many less travelled paths making the trek both exciting and unique. This trek  is family friendly  as it is suitable for older children. The adventure is sure to leave you with memories for life… and bonds that will never break.


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