Aug 29, 2018

A Reflection on Mozaic's 12-month Journey


On August 8, we at Mozaic Club celebrated our one-year anniversary. A big thanks to all of members and friends who’ve joined our club over the months and participated in our events! We couldn’t have come this far without you.


For those who aren't familiar with what Mozaic is and what we do, do let us explain. We originally started with Mozaic Club; a joining online and meeting offline club for expanding your social networks.  Our members are in the ‘mature’ Hong Kong demographic, referring to those who are aged 40 and above.  Mozaic is open to and welcomes all English-speaking, Hong Kong residents. There is a one-time membership fee of HK $688 to join and start enjoying the benefits and making your connections!  


In order to help our member’s social networks grow and engage them, we offered various events, activities and even travel opportunities! We’ve hosted gatherings and activities that appealed to our mature audiences, including Opera evenings, TGIF dinners, Cooking Classes, wine tasting dinners, Sai Kung Island Cruises and weekend Hikes to name a few. We strived to provide a casual place for our like-minded members to connect and attend activities and events together.


As we grew over the past year, we noticed that most of our members were single, HK residents and were looking for more than friendship and companionship. This fact, inspired us to launch our Singles platform, meet.mozaicin March of 2018.


In April 2018, we began operations for meet mozaicwith hosting a Speed Dating evening. Slots were quickly booked out, which turned into a very successful and fun event for all of our guests. The evening saw 8 men and 8 women interact with each other in a casual and relaxed way to get to know each other with an eye to creating real partnerships.


meet mozaicis also a matchmaking-introduction service and offers free consultations for HK singles.  The consultations are conducted for our matchmakers to get to know our clients better and explain the services we offer. After clients register with us, they complete a lifestyle/ preference questionnaire and submit 3-photos of themselves.   A small registration fee (one time HKD 688) is charged, for us to create a profile page then the matching process begins.  We will ask our client’s permission to share their profile with suitable matches.  All of our client’s personal details and profiles are kept offline within our office and not shared with any third parties without their permission.





With meet.mozaic, we do more than just our monthly speed dating events. We will also be hosting wine tasting dinners and suggest group travel locations for our single clients!


You are probably wondering what the difference is between Mozaic Club and meet mozaic. Mozaic Social Club is open to all English-speaking, HK residents, be they married, single or in a relationship.  meet mozaicclients are single, HK residents, who also speak English.  meet mozaicclients enjoy member’s prices and access to all Mozaic Club events as well.  Win-win all around!


Why not join our growing Mozaic community of like-minded people and become part of a fantastic new social network in Hong Kong?  A place where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with great ambience and meet friendly, new people!


We can’t even begin to thank everyone who’s been a part of this amazing journey with us so far. This one year milestone is only the beginning, as we intend to keep growing and offering new and exciting events. We hope that you will join us to become a part of this wonderful journey for years to come be it Mozaic Club or meet mozaicas a single HK resident. Here’s to many more incredible years of Mozaic… and here’s to great friendships and relationships built along the way!


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