Jan 24, 2018

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The Craft Beer Revolution started in America in the early 1970s, at a time when the American brewing market had shrunk down to less than forty brewing companies. Indeed, experts touted it as a dying industry, with the belief that it would shrink even further to just five companies in the near future. A handful of innovators and businessmen including Fritz Maytag, who purchased the Anchor brewing company in 1965, changed the landscape of American and eventually the World’s beer brewing industry.


At that time in America, popular demand dictated that the beer market was dominated by light adjunct lager. The market was flooded by the light flavours from different brands, all tasting largely the same, thanks to a few very successful campaigns. There wasn’t much variety. If immigrants, especially those from European countries with a rich beer-drinking culture, wanted to enjoy the tastes of the beer they had left behind at home, they had to brew their own beer. This kind of beer, brewed by people in their own backyards and garages, came to be known as craft beer.



The Brewers Association of America defines Craft Beer as beer produced in a brewery that is Small, Independent, and Traditional.

  • Small: A brewery is said to be small when it produces less than or equal to 6 million barrels of beer, roughly 3% of U.S. Annual Sales.
  • Independent: Less than a quarter, i.e. 25% of the craft brewery must be owned or controlled in any way by an alcohol industry member that is not the craft brewer himself.
  • Traditional: A majority of the beer produced by the brewer must come from traditional brewing techniques or innovative ingredients being brewed and fermented in a traditional manner. Flavoured malt beverages are not considered traditional.


The World-Wide Spread



The Global Craft Beer Market Report released in 2017, predicts that the market will grow at the compound annual rate of 11.04% during the period 2017-2021. Although US still remains the global leader when it comes to craft beer, countries like the UK and Germany have also made their presence felt globally. Apart from American and European countries, Asia too is joining the ‘revolution’ that is Craft Beer.



Hong Kong’s craft beer industry is steadily growing as well. Only a decade back, it would have been next to impossible to get craft beer in Hong Kong. But a few factors have come together to change the landscape for the country’s craft beer lovers. A legal amendment made in the year 2000 made it possible for people to brew beer at home. This opened new avenues for home-brewers. Another factor was the American Craft Beer Revolution, which was fast spreading throughout the world around the same time. Hong Kong’s diverse culture and the locals’ response to craft beer also contributed to the explosion in the craft beer brewing industry in Hong Kong.


Today, Hong Kong is bustling with local blends of beer. People today step into breweries and pubs with expectation and excitement to taste experimental flavours of beer. These micro-breweries, restaurants and pubs are spread across Hong Kong, and new ones keep entering the market. Some of the key players and companies that produce craft beer in Hong Kong have come together to form The Craft Beer Association of Hong Kong, which keeps the bar raised by only certifying bars that meet certain standards. There are only a handful of restaurants and pubs that are certified by CBAHK, from which we select two to feature below.



The Globe

The Globe is not just one of the best known and loved gastropubs of Hong Kong. It has been voted one of the top twenty-one best beer bars in the world! Opened more than two decades back, in the year 1995, the pub today holds a collection of 100 bottles with beers from America, Japan and local breweries as well, which is unparalleled on the island. The place also holds beer tastings for groups of almost any size. The tasteful décor, delicious food and delightful staff are just an added bonus!


Little Creatures

A story that started with a like-minded group of friends and a passion for good beer gave birth to Little Creatures around the turn of the century. After creating a niche in the Australian Brewing culture, Little Creatures has taken a step towards Hong Kong and set up a place in Kennedy Town. They brew their own unique beer varieties, from their signature Creatures Pale Ale to the Rugged IPA, Velvet Smooth Rogers and more. The quirky setting and friendly staff add character to the place and the lip-smacking food is all that you could ask for.


Now that Hong Kong has geared itself up in the best possible way to welcome you to its world of Craft Brewery, don’t just sit back… visit some of these unique beer pubs and have a rollicking good time. Enjoy the refreshing tastes of Craft Beer. Be a part of a worldwide revolution!



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