Oct 11, 2017

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South Island Cultural District Art Day

South Island Cultural District is celebrating this weekend as South Island Cultural District’s Art Day. On October 14, 2017, South Island welcomes you to as many as sixteen galleries and artist studios between 12pm and 8pm. South Island Art Day offers exhibition openings, art performances, art talks, guided tours, kids’ corner, and more – and all free of charge. Dominique Perregaux is the Executive Chairman of the South Island Cultural District and one of the organisers of Art Day 2017.  He is also the owner of Art Statements Studio in Wong Chuk Hang, which will be open to visitors on Art Day 2017, and featured in the Mozaic “About Us” video on their website (http://www.mozaiclub.com.hk/?route=about).


South Island Cultural District (SICD)

SICD includes galleries and art spaces in the areas of Wong Chuk Hang and Tin Wan, both areas in the South Island. With as many twenty-one art spaces in the SICD, it is the second richest art district in Hong Kong. (Central Hong Kong alone can claim more high-quality galleries in a single Hong Kong district.) SICD is currently led by contemporary art galleries.

No other district than SICD has so many galleries hosting exhibitions in large industrial spaces, which is why South Island is known to be Hong Kong’s most dynamic art district.

Presently, the objective of SICD is to bring awareness about the district to art lovers. To do so, they organize various events, openings, art fairs and festivals to promote the district.

SICD is rapidly expanding, to encompass such cultural outlets in the district as photo studios, dance academies, yoga centres, private kitchens, music studios, and more, promoting interdisciplinary or ‘crossover’ events and cultural festivals.

SICD is at the forefront of the promotion of this new and dynamic cultural neighbourhood, promoting the arts through their website, monthly e-newsletters, and printed guide about the district, which is available at key distribution points throughout Hong Kong.

A major evolution of the Hong Kong art scene, the South Island district has become Hong Kong’s number one destination for contemporary art.


South Island Art Day (SIAD)

On October 14, 2017 (Saturday), the South Island Cultural District will open the doors to sixteen galleries and artist studios in Hong Kong’s most dynamic art district.

This fifth edition follows four highly successful South Island Art Days. The event at “Hong Kong’s New Destination for Contemporary Art” expects patrons to the tune of over 5,000 art lovers from around the world.

SIAD becomes more attractive and easier to access thanks to the new MTR South Island line, which will greatly aid the SICD. This Cultural District is now merely a seven minute ride from Admiralty.

During South Island Art Day 2017, SICD offers an exciting, varied programme in collaboration with someth1ng, a London art gallery, and featuring some great artists from around the world.

The Art Day includes art exhibitions in sixteen art spaces, giving visitors the opportunity to attend exhibition openings, interact with local and international artists, experience contemporary art, dance and music performances, as well as enjoy free food and drink from our south side partners. For families with children, South Island Art Day also provides a creative kids corner.

The South Island Art Day is supported by the Southern District Council.


Collaboration with someth1ng       

Someth1ng is a gallery in Honor Oak Park, South East London, aimed at bringing together the best of burgeoning local talent with international contemporary art and artists. The gallery aims to give artists representation without exploitative terms, while ensuring that people can enjoy art ownership.

SIAD is collaborating this year with someth1ng and four local and international artists: Marsha Roddy, Jacqueline Gunn, Mat Rochford, and Patricia Chiu.


Marsha Roddy

Image source: http://www.marsharoddy.com/

Marsha Roddy’s career has spanned over thirty years as an Artist and Designer. Her work explores three-dimensional space, movement, texture and above all how we, as humans, connect and express ourselves. She has designed sets and costumes for the stage, film and television; worked on architectural projects, conceived haute couture for events and created pieces of performance art.

Marsha believes the journey is as important as the final outcome. Each project no matter how big or small has its own unique demands and requires the same enthusiasm, dedication and creative excellence.

Her work has taken her from the UK to Amsterdam, USA, China, Japan and Hong Kong.


Jacqueline Gunn

After graduating from Wimbledon School of Art, Jacqueline Gunn became Assistant Designer at The Royal Opera House and The RSC and then Associate Designer at Oldham Coliseum and Resident Designer at Contact Theatre, Manchester, where she designed several Theatre Productions.

Her drawings and sculptures have been the subject of various exhibitions, and she has also set up various site-specific sculptures.

She has worked with students, from early years to Ph D levels and is the Artist in Residence at Glamis Adventure Playground, Shadwell, London.

She is collaborating for a work in progress with Marsha Roddy, Hong Kong.


Mat Rochford

Contemporary artist Mat Rochford has exhibited with artists around the world, including Hervé Boscher, Brenda Brown, Paul Coombs, Emma Fenton, Rachel Hale, Michael Hall, Geoffrey Harrison, Raven Lloyd, Henrietta Loades-Carter, Bruno Mazzotta, David Ravenwood, Necole Schmitz, Victoria Trinder, Caroline Underwood, Betty Woessner, Linda Duffy, Chris Fraser, Claire Horton, Sofie Pinkett, and Richard Waites. His work has been exhibited at the Limelight Gallery and Menier Gallery.


Patricia Chiu

Born in Hong Kong, Patricia Chiu graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Performance Studies. She currently works as Project Manager of HK Youth Arts Foundation’s Art Angels programme as well as a freelance performer, director, choreographer.

Having worked as a corporate trainer and workshop facilitator, she strongly believes that the arts can provide a platform for people to explore ideas, issues, thoughts and feelings as well as empower themselves by finding a voice to express themselves.



Join us at South Island Art Day on Saturday, October 14, 2017, from 12pm-8pm. Admission is free to access sixteen galleries and artist studios and offers exhibition openings, art performances, artist talks, guided tours, creative kids’ corner, food and drinks. This is spread across Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Tin Wan and can be accessed by the MTR South Island Line (7 min from Admiralty), buses, taxi, or private car. Over 5,000 local and international art lovers are expected to join the event.

Contact South Island Cultural District at (+852) 2696 2300 or contact@sicd.com.hk

Visit www.sicd.com.hk for more information.


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