Nov 27, 2018

Horse Racing in Hong Kong


If you’ve been in Hong Kong for any length of time, you probably know that Horse Racing is an integral part of the culture.


Racing began in the late 1800s in the now iconic Happy Valley. It was one of the first places where people from all walks of life, foreigners and locals alike, sat together every Chinese New Year to witness the races.


Back then it wasn’t yet a pro sport. Amateur competitions were held, featuring a few local racers and a few from Mainland China.


Happy Valley flourished, with the Hong Kong Jockey Club being founded around 42 years after the opening of the racecourse. The 1940s saw an abrupt halt to horse racing due to the Japanese occupation. However, once the races resumed in 1947, the Valley continued to flourish as private clubs began making bets. More funding was pumped in and the organisation of the racecourse was taken in control.


It was only in 1971 that HKJC decided to turn professional, years after restructuring Happy Valley and added more stands. Not long after that, Wednesday night racing at Happy Valley was introduced… a tradition that remains to this date.


However, one of the biggest game changers in the horse racing culture of Hong Kong has to be the introduction of Sha Tin Racecourse in 1978. It was built with a capacity of 80,000 people (now hosting up to 85,000). While Happy Valley is the traditional, old-school venue, Sha Tin has undoubtedly proved to be the better venue for pro racing. 



The infrastructure alone has seen it become one of the grandest horse racing venues around the world. It hosts approximately 474 races per season.


Despite this, Happy Valley is still the go-to venue. Beyond just infrastructure, the history, vibe and adrenaline the place brings with it make it special.


There are even elegant bars located in the venue as well. Thousands of people apply to HKJC every year, with only a few getting a permit to own a horse. 



How to bet in Hong Kong Horse Racing (Courtesy HKJC):


As with horse racing around the world, betting has become an integral part of racing, at both Happy Valley and Sha Tin. While we don’t want you to develop a gambling habit (!), learn more about how you can apply for a betting account and begin betting at HKJC.



Applying in person:

HKJC have off-course betting branches all over the city. You can find a list here. There are also branches on-course, at both Sha Tin and Happy Valley. No matter which branch you place your bet at, you’ll need the following documents:


  1. HKID (or travel document from other jurisdictions)
  2. ATM Card or personal Savings/Current account from Hong Kong
  3. Deposit of HKD 100


There’s a variety of betting platforms you could use, including telephone betting, eWin, mobile betting service and more.


Apply for the HKJC Electronic Funds Transfer Service for help with instant money transfers.


Important to note:


  1. The minimum betting age is 18.
  2. If you live outside HK and use a Hong Kong account, look up the laws and regulations that apply before you begin.
  3. eWin is the best service for online betting, as it provides complete information and transaction records. They even have a great algorithm that advises you on your bets!


Otherwise, we invite you to join Mozaic club for a night at the races on Wednesday, 12 December.  Open to all novices or experienced betters and horse racing lovers! We will meet at the adrenaline restaurant, enjoy food & drinks while watching and betting (if you like) on the races.  


For more information:  

More Information of the Event



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