Apr 13, 2018

St. Petersburg Theatre’s iconic Swan Lake is coming to Hong Kong


The iconic ballet Swan Lakewill be coming to Hong Kong courtesy of the 60-member St Petersburg Ballet Theatre from the 1 – 6 May 2018 at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Lyric Theatre, WanChai. Here’s why it’s a must-see event, whether you like ballet or not.


Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lakeis perhaps the single most famous ballet of all time. The hauntingly beautiful music complements the story of love, tragedy and sacrifice. A ballet first performed in St. Petersburg in 1895, it’s only fitting that the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre are considered to perform the best version of it today. Performing in all corners of the world, Swan Lakeis just one of many masterpieces performed by the troupe.


Some of the other classic masterpieces by the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre include Don QuixoteThe Sleeping Beautyand The Nutcracker. For many of them, including Swan Lake, the star has been the multi-talented Irina Kolesnikova, who has been the leading lady of the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre since 2001, at the tender age of 21! 



Charismatic and a master of her craft, Irina has performed in South Africa, Brazil, Europe, Japan, China, the USA and others. If you’re not familiar with Irina Kolesnikova, what you should know is that she’s a veteran ballerina, and despite being the lead of several iconic ballets, it is Swan Lakethat has been her signature, career-defining role. 


Throughout her childhood and as a teen, Irina was told that she was too tall to be a leading star for a ballet. But it was Konstantin Tachkin, owner of the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre, who recognized her talent and abilities at the age of 19, when she tried out for the theatre that he had founded. She became the theatre’s leading lady at the age of 21 and would go on to marry Konstantin at the age of 24.


A master of the Vaganova method of ballet, her performance as Odette/Odille in Swan Lakehas been described as Truly a thing of beauty and technically flawless” by the TelegraphThe Guardian described Irina’s performance as “Sensational”.


Producer Andrew Guild boasts that no one on the planet does Swan Lakebetter than the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre: “Without doubt, Swan Lakeis the world’s most famous classical ballets. And no one dances it as beautifully as the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre. The full length lavish production shows Russian classical ballet on a grand scale. It’s the real thing.”


·  Mute Swans


Swan Lakeis the story of Prince Siegfried, who is 21 and poised to get married. On a hunting trip, he notices a beautiful swan. Once it turns dark, he’s shocked to realize that the swan turns into a beautiful woman by the name of Odette, the Swan Queen, who has been cursed with a spell by her mentor Rothbart, an evil sorcerer. The curse entails that she turns into a swan during the day, becoming human only after dusk. The entire lake is full of women who have been turned into swans, and only revert back to humanity at sunset.


The lake upon which Odette and the other swans swim was created by the tears of the parents who lost their children. Odette tells Siegfried that the only way her curse can be lifted is if someone with a pure heart loves her. As in all dramas, forbidden love only leads to further complications. Rothbart confronts the two and takes Odette away. Rothbart then casts a spell on his daughter Odille to look exactly like Odette. When Siegfried is made to choose a bride of his mother’s selection, he sees Rothbart come in with Odille, disguised as Odette. 


Enchanted by her beauty, he dances with her and proposes, much to the horror of the real Odette, who watches on from outside. He soon realizes the grievous mistake as he sees Odette flee in grief, and Rothbart reveals the treachery of his actions. Siegfried finds Odette crying by the lake and being consoled by the other cursed women. The unforgettable climax of this iconic ballet unfolds.


Apart from the stars and performances, another specialty of the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre is their usage of magnificent, sweeping sets. The vibe and ambience goes perfectly with Tchaikovsky’s haunting score, and will help you suspend your disbelief as you travel to a new world.




Dates: May 1 - 6, 2018

Shows: May 1 - 4: 7:45pm

              May 5: 2pm and 7.45pm

              May 6: 1pm and 6pm

Venue: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Lyric Theatre

Rates: HK$445 - HK$995 for Standard tickets

(Family packages, student and senior citizen tickets available)
For tickets, please visit: http://www.hkticketing.com.hk/events/WCTHEST0518 


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