Boat tour to the Ninepin Islands
  • Date


  • Time

    11:00 - 14:00

  • Address

    Sai Kung New Public Pier

  • Price

    HKD 580

  • Teacher / Host

    Wouter van Marle

Min. number of participants to launch: 4

last day to register: 2019-07-24

Why not join Wouter from Adventure Tours for a Saturday boat ride off Sai Kung to view some very interesting geological formations?  The Ninepin Islands is a rocky outcrop at the edge of the South China Sea. Battered by relentless waves and winds, wonderful landforms have arisen along with a place where the hexagonal rock columns are at their largest, with diameters of over two meters.

Due to their exposure to the ocean, only three months of the year during the height of summer are the seas quiet enough to provide for a safe landing here, for us to explore. Besides sight-seeing from the boat, we will land on both North and South Ninepin.

Arriving at North Ninepin, a makeshift pier provides relatively easy access. Concrete steps lead to a small lighthouse, a small trail branches off, follow this to get a good look of the odd Cannon Rock (a piece of rock column that fell flat) and the smooth rock face of the Moon Cliff.

After visiting the Ninepin Islands we head over to the Ung Kong Group for sight-seeing. The main sights here are the sea arches of Bluff Island and Basalt Island, and the shoreline of Wang Chau with its many sea caves, a narrow sea arch and well exposed hexagonal columns. We will also visit the sea arch of Jin Island - this one is wide enough for small vessels to pass through, but only if the sea is quiet can this be done safely.


Fee: HKD 580 per person.

Weather is a major factor for this tour, especially the winds influence whether the sea is calm enough to land on the islands. Even when the sea at the shore of Sai Kung is smooth, it may be too dangerous to land there. If so, the tour may have to be rescheduled.