Sunday visit to the Ghost Villages of the New Territories
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    9:00 meet at the Fanling MTR take a taxi to Luk Kong to start the hike 15:30 on the boat to Ma Lu Shui. arrive at 17:00. Then a 15-minute walk to the University MTR Station (taxi & boat transport & lunch are included, MTR at your own expense)

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    Wouter van Marle

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last day to register: 2019-02-20

Visit the ghost Villages of the New Territories.  This tour starts at Luk Keng, with a moderate intensity hike of about 9km, mostly on well maintained dirt footpaths. Sturdy hiking shoes are suggested. 

For hundreds of years, the area which is now Hong Kong was occupied by mostly Hakka clans, living in villages scattered all over the new territories and outlying islands. These people lived off of farming, fishing, salt making, lime burning and even production of high quality pottery. All of these industries have come to an end with the industrialization of Hong Kong notably from the 1950s-1970s.  Farming lasted until the early 1970's, when cheap imports from the mainland and the prospect of better jobs in the factories in the city made farmers leave their ancestral lands.

After about a 4-hour hike (9km), we will stop for lunch in Lai Chi Wo, a traditional Hakka village serving  Pun choi, which is a big bowl of many kinds of meats and vegetables (the price of lunch is included).  It is suggested to bring snacks and plenty of water for the initial hike before lunch.


This is a moderate intensity hike of about 9km, mostly using well maintained dirt footpaths.  We will have a late lunch at about 14:00. Bring some snacks and plenty of water. There is no water available for about 4 hours in.

  • 9:00 meet at Fanling MTR station, take a taxi to Luk Keng where we start our hike (taxi cost included)
  • Yung Shue Au, all but forgotten 
  • So Lo Pun, where compasses are said to go haywire
  • Lai Chi Wo, a tradditional Hakka village with pun choi lunch (cost included)
  • Fung Shui woods at the Geo heritage centre
  • 15:30 on the boat (boat cost included) to Ma Liu Shui ( arrive there about 17:00) walk (15mins) to University MTR station where our tour finishes.