Sunday Mangroves Tour at Mai Po Marshes followed by a Seafood Dinner
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    Mai Po Marshes

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last day to register: 2017-10-21

This event is ideal for nature lovers and seafood aficionados. It kicks off at noon with guests congregating at Central Pier for a private bus ride out to the famous Mai Po Marsh area with its mangrove swamps and migrating birds.  The marshes have gained international significance as a bird sanctuary. The afternoon will be spent exploring a naturalist’s paradise.

The nature walk will be followed by a shared-seafood dinner at nearby Lau Fau Shan, famous in years-gone-by for its oyster beds but still a sought-out venue for seafood lovers. The dinner menu is as follows: Soup of the day; steamed scallop with garlic and vermicelli; fried long clams with black beans; steamed crabs; braised grouper head and belly; fried grouper slices with celery; sweet and sour pork; seafood fried rice; fried noodles with prawns; and fried seasonal vegetables.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday outdoors.



Meeting place is Central pier for bus pick up and drop off.