• What is Mozaic?

If you’re an expatriate, Mozaic is especially beneficial for you. Mozaic is the only social club in Hong Kong focused on mature Hong Kong residents who are looking for genuine friendships, while wanting to expand their social network through a variety of engaging group activities and events. We charge a small fee for a lifetime membership, which covers our overhead for organizing small group events or activities for our members.  


  • How do I register as a Mozaic Member?

To register, please click on the registration button on the top right corner of this web page. This will take you to our registration page. Once you have completed the registration form, you willl be directed to our payment page to pay the lifetime membership fee. After you have made a payment, your registration is then finalized and you will receive a confirmation email.  It may take a few mintues to receive this email, please be patient.


  • How do I activate my account?

Once you’ve completed the registration form, you’ll then receive a confirmation email with complete details for how to activate your account - then you will be on your way to becoming part of our expat social club platform!


  • How do I join an event?

Visit our Social Calendar or Travel Calendar pages to view the full details for all of our upcoming events. Using the Social Calendar page, you can browse our calendar to find available events for the next 2-3 months. On the Travel Calendar, you will also find the full details for any of our available tours to join.


  • What is the Notice Board?

The Notice Board is where you can post and share messages with other Mozaic members. You can also send messages to members who have already posted messages on the Notice Board, keeping in mind that this board is strictly reserved for Mozaic members.


  • How to do I contact a member?

We understand what it’s like to be an expat living in a new city, that’s why we try our best to make it easy for you! You can contact a fellow member of our social network by simply going to their profile page and clicking on the “Message Member” button. To then view all of your messages and conversations, just click the “Messages” button under ‘My Accounts’."


  • How do I block a member?

To block a member belonging to this expat social platform, simply visit their profile page and hit the “Block member” button. You can also check your list of blocked members, which you can also unblock at any time, by heading to ‘My Account’ and then selecting “Blocked Members”.


  • What happens during inclement weather conditions?

In the unfortunate event of inclement weather conditions for an evening event, whereby Typhoon Signal 8 is hoisted at 4pm on the day of the evening event, the event will then be rescheduled or refunded accordingly.


In the unfortunate event of inclement weather conditions for a daytime water activity or event, whereby Typhoon Signal 3 or above is hoisted at 8pm on the evening before the activity or event, the event will then be rescheduled or refunded accordingly.