Jul 30, 2018

These are the MANLIEST dishes you’ll ever come across!


The first question that’s probably pop up in your head is ‘What is manly food?’ or ‘What does food have to do with manliness, or womanliness for that matter?’


In general, there are two ways in which you can ‘define’ manliness in food. One is food that boosts testosterone production in the human body, and the other is, simply, food that men generally prefer! Interestingly, the stereotype of MANLY food is dishes with bold, simple flavours, and not too many ingredients. Does this sound delicious to you, men reading this article?! :)


So let's get greasy and take a look at some of the manliest food the world has to offer!


a) Meat


Time for my MEAT!! Stereotypically muscle-bound men are even called ‘meatheads’. Can you beat that?! Within the world of meat, according to the Journal of Consumer Research, medium-rare steak, hamburgers and well-done steaks are most associated with ‘manliness’.


b) Steak and potatoes


Steak and potatoes


Steak and potatoes is enough to make anyone’s mouth water, especially men! The best steak you’ll come across is a nice cut of beef. To reduce the MANLY quotient, pick a cut with a lower calorie count, and replace the baked potatoes with roasted sweet potatoes with a piquant garlic and paprika seasoning.


c) Shellfish


Here’s one that has a scientific basis to its manly label! Shrimp is one of the best natural sources of vitamin D, which helps promote testosterone production in men. Oysters are another great source of testosterone production, as it contains 12.8mg of zinc.


d) Sloppy Joe 


Sloppy Joe


A mix of ground meat, onions and tomato sauce served in a slider, Sloppy Joe is a classic MANLY American dish. Go international with this one with the Chinese version, ‘Rou Jia Mo’ and the Indian ‘Keema Pav’. Vegetarians and vegans use textured vegetable protein as a substitute for ground meat. 


e) Pulled Pork Sandwich


Pulled Pork Sandwich


Cook the rough pork slowly at a low temperature so that it becomes tender and thus, easy to pull. Yes, no kidding – pulled pork involves ‘pulling’ pork apart! Melt-in-the-mouth meat in a simple slider bun. What’s not to love?


f) Porterhouse with Bone Marrow on the side

Picture this: Juicy slices of steak, bacon, crab cake and delicious bone marrow on the side. ’Nuff said!! There's little doubt that this is a dish that MANLY men would love to devour! 

We wouldn't want to leave out the vegetarians on this one. While meat and manliness go hand in hand, there can be MANLY vegetarians too!


g) Butternut Squash Lasagna


Butternut squash works very well as a substitute for beef in lasagna. Lasagna is a delicious pasta with flavourful ingredients like ground cinnamon, parmesan cheese and shredded mozzarella cheese. The rich cheesiness makes this dish truly MANLY!


h) Grilled Portobello Mushroom burgers


Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger


The best burgers don't always involve meat! Mushrooms are arguably one of the best meat substitutes in existence. This scrumptious burger has a mix of minced garlic, portobello mushrooms, swiss cheese and dried rosemary. 


As you may have noticed, MANLINESS is a tad abstract, and there’s absolutely no guarantee that every man will like the dishes on this list, or that women won’t enjoy them! No judgement on men who don’t like these foods! ;)


Food is universal. These manly man dishes are guaranteed to make your mouth water and get the testosterone production going!


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