Jan 15, 2019

The Road Less Travelled!


Ask any person, at random, what their passion is. We’d bet you’ll find quite a few bitten by the travel bug! However, despite how big the world is and how much there is to see, most travellers tend to be drawn to the most popular tourist attractions. 


‘Touristy’ places have their pros and cons. You know for sure that all creature comforts will be available. Someone else has done the research and the destination is certainly one that you will enjoy. On the other hand, they suffer from immense commercialization that leads to overcrowding and subsequently takes away the place’s innate charm. That’s why many prefer to head off the beaten path.


Whether you’re looking for gorgeous landscapes, interesting history, architectural marvels or even urban exploration, here are five unique travel destinations you must visit in 2019! 


Dzukou Valley India


i) Dzukou Valley, INDIA


India is a land of tremendous geographic diversity. Whether it’s the towering Himalayan mountains, vast deserts, mighty rivers or beautiful flatlands, the country has it all. The north-eastern region of India is still relatively unexplored (even by most Indians!), and Dzukou Valley in the state of Nagaland is a geographic wonder unlike any in the world. Located less than 20 kilometres from the state capital, Kohima, Dzukou Valley offers sweeping vistas of lush green hills draped in a rich bamboo carpet. The shapes and sizes of the hills make for a gorgeous landscape.


This is a destination that isn’t easy to get to. However, it’s worth every bit of the effort you put in.


Kuelap Peru


ii) Ancient Ruins of Kuelap, PERU


There’s a lot more to Peru than just Machu Picchu! The Chachapoyas or “Warriors of the Cloud” built a magnificent fortress in the 6th Century to protect themselves from enemies. It was built in the ancient city of Kuelap across the northern Andes. The city walls overlook the Utcubamba Valley. At an elevation of 3000m, the Kuelap Fortress is much higher than Machu Picchu, and is bigger than Peru’s most famous tourist site too. 


In 2017, a cable car to Kuelap was built, making accessibility relatively easier. Travel back in time and explore this magnificent fallen structure that often falls off the tourist circuit.


Asilah Morocco


iii) Asilah, MOROCCO


You may be aware of the famous blue city, Chefchaouen, located in the Rif mountains. Its ‘counterpart’ Asilah is located on the coast of Morocco. The walls of Asilah are extremely colourful, and it’s the perfect place to relax and explore. The art, the culture, the food… Asilah is one of the best ‘offbeat’ cities to visit in Morocco. Given its prime location (just across the ocean from Spain) there’s a strong Spanish influence on the food and culture.


Solcava Panoramic Road Slovenia


iv) Solčava Panoramic Road, SLOVENIA


Plan the best driving holiday ever in Slovenia! The Solčava Panoramic Road offers everything you could possibly want in a drive - valleys, mountains and even highland farms. Experience nature in all its glory from the comfort of your vehicle. Stop by and explore these regions, absorbing the cultural heritage of the region along the way. This route is about as far from touristy as you can get, and you’ll experience beautiful roads alongside untouched nature. 


Bai Tu Long Bay Vietnam


v) Bai Tu Long Bay, VIETNAM


Ha Long Bay is beautiful, but it suffers from the plague of too many tourists! Travel just seven and a half kilometres north-east to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. It has equally stunning views, but it’s far less crowded. Vietnam’s stunning bays are a must-visit - every wanderluster must go to at least once in a lifetime. Go boating around Bai Tu Long Bay and experience scenery rarely seen anywhere else in the world.



Offbeat travel isn’t the easiest and it’s probably not the most comfortable either! You may not always get premium hotels and other comforts, but what you do get is far more rewarding. Witness places that few others visit. The greatest reward that travelling offers is the enrichment. Offbeat travel fulfils that… and then some! 



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