May 14, 2018

Summer Beach Holiday Ideas away from Hong Kong


Summer is almost here and it’s time to pack your swimwear and sun hat and set off on a week-long holiday to the nearest beach with your loved ones. But wait; what if you’ve seen all that Hong Kong and its nearby vacation spots have to offer?! 


We made a list of five locations, off the beaten track, to help you plan the perfect summer getaway for you and your family.


Ho Tram, Vietnam



A two and a half hour flight from Hong Kong will take you to Ho Chi Minh City and after another couple of hours in a car, you’ll find yourself in Ho Tram beach. Sparkling emerald seawater and a pristine white beach await you at Ho Tram as well the chance to enjoy watersports like kite surfing and kayaking. 


If tranquility and relaxation is what you seek, this is the ideal vacation spot for you this summer… and the perfect chance to get away from the bustling city and its many distractions.


Kohamajima, Japan



Another white sand beach that offers all the serenity yet none of the seasonal crowd of tourists is located farther east, on the coasts of Japan. Flights from Hong Kong to Painushima Ishigaki Airport in Okinawa, Japan take around two and a half hours. After taking a taxi to the Ishigaki Port from the Airport, a ferry will take you straight to Kohamajima where you will be greeted by the turquoise waters and white sand beach, complete with its own coral reefs.


Plenty of beachside activities await you at Kohamajima, including riding standing paddle boats that let you observe the aquatic fauna or sailing to the nearby small, secluded islands. There's even the Maboroshi-no-shima or the Phantom Island, which only appears during low tide. Get ready for a memorable summer vacation if you choose this Japanese paradise as your destination.


Langkawi, Malaysia



Probably the most popular location on this list, Langkawi International Airport in Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia is a mere five hours away from Hong Kong by flight. Lush rainforests and a seemingly endless coastline are in store for you here.


The vibrant forestry hides exotic wildlife and you can explore them as freely as you want. You can also venture into the mangroves on a boat or journey into the limestone caves for thrills. And if adventure isn't your strong suit, you can laze around while sipping a mojito in the vast expanse of beaches, without a care in the world.


Zanzibar, Tanzania



24 km off the coast of Tanzania, looking over the Indian Ocean, lies the Zanzibar Archipelago. It’s a little further out from Hong Kong than some of the others on this list, about 17+ hour-connecting flight away from Hong Kong. Clear blue water and shallow sandbars await you at this heavenly retreat. Multiple isolated islands can be found scattered around the archipelago that are rarely visited by tourists and are perfect for those seeking solitude.


Zanzibar is rich in cultural history and was the location of the shortest war ever recorded. Other popular tourist spots nearby are Stone Town, Nungwi and Kendwa as well as small villages like Matemwe, Paje and Jambiani where you can sample the authentic local cuisine and culture.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece



An 18 hour flight from Hong Kong will take you to the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Sea, also known as "The flower of the Levant”. On the north-west side of the island lies Navagio Beach, often known as the Shipwreck Beach. This is one of the most photographed beaches in the world.


Steep cliffs of limestone, white sand and crystal clear waters adorn this beach which is also a hotspot for waterside activities. Try your hand at base jumping, an exciting sport where you jump from the highest cliffs onto the soft sands below. Spend your summer weeks at this location, which has mesmerized photographers and filmmakers through the ages.


Move out of the stuffy heat of the crowded city this summer. Take a break and beat the heat. Have a great summer!


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