Jun 15, 2018

Networking in the Age of Social Media


In the 21st Century, when it comes to both businesses and romance, networking is everything! Both rely heavily on connecting and building relationships with people. The importance of networking itself is often understated, though.


Benefits of Networking:


- Confidence

Whether it's business or interpersonal relationships, confidence is key. It goes a long way toward helping you build relationships and make yourself more approachable and more appreciated. Confidence helps you make a great first impression!


- Forming a Connection

Networking lets you meet, talk and most importantly, connect with more people. In the business side of things, forming a connection gives you more contacts and opens doors. As for romance, while some connections are organic, forming them is something that can happen by practice. Networking is a great way to get there! 


- Increasing Opportunities and Learning More

Opportunities pop up through networking that you may not expect. Naturally, with more opportunities comes a chance to learn a lot more.



How to Overcome your Fear of Meeting and Connecting with New People

It's not just social anxiety that can hold you back from meeting new people. Sometimes just the thought of being in an environment with many people can be scary. Overcoming this fear is a big step, but a necessary one. How better to overcome your fears than by facing them head on?!


- Don’t Overthink It

It's true what they say: We’re our own worst enemies! Overthinking does far more harm than good. In social situations, we tend to think "What do they think of me?" "Do I look stupid?" and end up acting on these silly overreactions! Prevent yourself from overthinking. It’ll greatly help your conversations!


- Talk to More People

This can be the cashier at the grocery store, the person who you see in the park or even a person while travelling. Once you get a hang of approaching more people, you slowly start to gain more confidence. Confidence helps you with your networking too!


- Be Yourself

This is perhaps the simplest, yet most complicated rule. Many people fear rejection because they feel that they're not good enough. As a result, they portray a shell of themselves and don't show others who they really are. Never tell yourself that you're not good enough or that you're not capable. The first step towards confidence is self-belief, and to get that, you have to be true to yourself.



Where to Network to Grow Your Business


Business Network International (BNI)

Designed exclusively to help businesses interact and network with each other in order to increase sales among member organizations, the mission of BNI is to ‘help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.’ Find a Chapter here.


Network by Group

Whether you’re an Expat, an Techpreneur, a Millennial, a Woman, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you can find businesspeople like you in our international city. Visit sites like MeetupEventBritehttps://www.mozaiclub.com.hk/index.php?route=home and more to find the perfect event for you.


It’s not an easy task but networking is, simply put, the way to go - both personal and professional. The impact that it can have on your life and your business is something that has to be seen to be believed! It takes a lot of investment of time, though not as much investment of money, but it’s a great return on investment!


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