Jun 19, 2018



Meditation requires immense discipline and focus. The concept itself is simple. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Centre yourself with absolute concentration and bring your mind and body together.


Gaining consistency and skill in the practice can be rare. That being said, it has several benefits, and here's how (and why) you should start meditating.


How to start meditating



To start meditating, the first thing you need is something comfortable to sit on. And remember that word, "comfortable", because your comfort is first and foremost when it comes to meditation. Whether it's a chair, your bed or (as most prefer) a cushion, this is the first ideal condition. However, consider using a chair or bench at first so that you have a backrest.


Set a timer as well to ensure you maintain a consistent period of time to meditate. The key thing for you to note is that while meditating, you can cross your legs however you wish and you can also keep your hands wherever you like. Keeping your back erect is a must, while the rest is based entirely on what suits you and helps you relax.



One of the major obstacles when meditating are your own thoughts. It's important to bring your mind back to focusing on your own breath rather than letting it wander. To put it plain and simple:  Don't think, meditate! 


With regards to how long you should meditate, it's ideal to start small and increase gradually as you gain confidence. Starting off with 5 minutes a day is going to work much better for you than attempting 20 minutes at the first go.



Benefits of meditation


a - Calms your mind and body

b - Helps your brain age slower

c - Increases your focus and consistency

d - Improves control of your thoughts

e - Provides a more rational perspective


If you have problems with overthinking or anxiety, meditation may just be the best way to improve your condition.



Where to practice meditation in Hong Kong


If you're interested in making meditation a full-time practice, you have a plethora of options to get professional help and advice.  Here are some of the best centers around Hong Kong: 


a - yoga mala, 11/F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham St., Central

                         Phone:  2116-0894



b - Hong Kong Vipassana Meditation Centre, Kwun Tung

Phone: +852 2671 7031


c - Dhamma Mutta Vipassana Meditation Center, Lantau Island

Phone: +852 2671 7031


d - Kadampa Meditation Centre, Causeway Bay

Phone: +852 2507 2237


e - Ananda Marga Yoga & Meditation Centre, Kwai Chung

Phone: +852 6487 9875


f - Art Of Living Yoga and Meditation Center, Sheung Wan

Phone: +852 3101 2331




There are very few things in this world of which you can say, with absolute confidence, come with no negative effects. Meditation belongs in that rare category. The popularity of Meditation, and Yoga for that matter, has increased significantly around the world. The health benefits are considerable and indisputable, so it’s probably time for you to hop on to the hype train as well! 


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