Jul 09, 2018

Chinese Opera Festival 2018


Chinese Opera is a form of art that has a great charm and mystique to it, especially when it evokes the emotions of Ancient China. It’s a major part of China’s cultural heritage, and every year, courtesy of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, this art form is displayed for people to witness and get mesmerized.


The festival involves several groups from Mainland China as well as local Cantonese opera. The events began on June 14 and will resume on July 12, concluding on August 12.


This year, get ready to witness a wide range of Chinese Operatic Genres. Apart from stage performances, the festival offers symposiums, artists’ talks, film screenings and even exhibitions on the subject.



Here are some of the shows to look forward to the most this coming month:


‘Twilight’ Series: “Playing with Xixi” and “Hoichi the Earless” by Theatre Ronin

Date: July 12, 14 & 15

Venue: Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Culture Centre

Price: $180


Playing with Xixi”is an extraordinary tale of a girl named Xixi who takes us on a journey through her memories, between past and present, between illusion and reality, switching between the tracks of life and facing the real world. “Playing with Xixi” won the “Best Space Award” in the 10th Taipei Fringe Festival. 


Hoichi the Earless” is a story of a monk telling the tale of a blind musician living in a temple who's been haunted.



Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe Of Shaoxing

Date: July 19-22

Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Price: $150-$450


Yue Opera”is also known as “Shaoxing Opera”, originating from Shaoxing city of Zhejiang Province. It's known as “Yue Opera” because Shaoxing is where the Yue Kingdom was located.


The cast is led by award-winning Shaoxing Opera star Wu Fenghua, joined by three other cast members, all of whom won the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre. This opera will see four plays staged.


Said to require an extremely high level of singing and acting skills, Wu Fenghua made a breakthrough with the unique production of “Qu Yuan”, an Opera play. Witness the most unique form of Opera that you’ve ever seen, led by the long-time veteran Fenghua.


There are two Chinese Opera Film screenings this month that you shouldn’t miss.


(Venues for both shows are Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum

Price: $50)


Peking Opera Film “White Snake’s Legend

Date: July 14, 7:30pm


Cantonese Opera Film “A Fan to Remember

Date: July 28, 7:30pm


There are also four lectures(in Cantonese) between July 19 and August 16, talking about appreciating Ballet and ‘The Magic of Love’. Each talk costs only $50.


Another suggested event is the Cantonese Opera “The Return Of Lady Wenji” on August 7 and 8. Created in 1997, this incredible play follows the tale of Lady Wenji and her helplessness as she returns from a foreign land to her homeland, leaving her husband and son behind. 


Gut-wrenching and emotional, this play delves deep into the relationship between mother and son, with a heart-touching theme song in the finale. 

Price: $150-$450 

Venue: Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall


A few other events worth noting this coming month are:


A Tale Of Two Genres - Xiqin Opera & Traditional Cantonese Opera: August 3-5


The Second Year Of JianFeng by On & On Theatre Workshop: August 3 & 6


Second Troupe of the China National Peking Opera Company: A Showcase of Cheng School Classics: August 10-12



This year’s Opera Festival (like every year!) promises to showcase the essence and beauty of authentic Chinese culture through one of the greatest art forms in the world. A major attraction in the city, do visit the Festival to stand witness to some of the most incredible operatic performances that you will ever see. 


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