Jan 31, 2018

Chinese New Year Holidays are Here Again !


Chinese New Year is around the corner and the whole country is busy with preparations for the big day. The New Year, which is coming up next month on February 16, 2018, also means that people will be taking advantage of days off and planning trips abroad.

Plan a weekend away to commemorate this special day… the beginning of the Earth Dog year!






Visit the lost world of Myanmar with your family over the holidays for a memorable trip. The culturally rich country offers tropical beaches, untouched white sand and old, forgotten temples dotting the ancient landscape. The best thing about Myanmar is that it is still devoid of the crazy crowds that flock to the other, more popular world destinations, and thus provides a blissfully quaint time away from home! Myanmar has something on offer for every kind of tourist, be it large families, couples or groups of friends. It’s warm, romantic, laid-back and exciting, all at the same time. The flights to Myanmar from Hong Kong take around three and a half hours, making it an easy getaway that is also easy on the pocket.





Another spellbinding place which falls under three hours of flight away from Hong Kong is Vietnam. Packed with sprawling national parks, spectacular cave systems and thrilling water sports, Vietnam has diverse options for holiday-goers in its kitty. The architecture which is a mix of Indian, Chinese and French is something of a masterclass in history as you walk the winding streets of Vietnam. Vietnam also has dazzling glass and steel towers and headquarters to flaunt, and cityscapes as beautiful as any other in the world. From lip-smacking food of endless variety to adrenaline-filled kitesurfing and hiking, Vietnam is a true holiday-goers’ paradise.


The Philippines



The Philippines stands at the head of any list of holiday destinations when it comes to short getaways from Hong Kong. Not only is it close to Hong Kong (a fight to Manila takes only a little over two hours!) but it is unmissable, thanks to its turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. Some of the best places to visit while you are in the country are El Nido for its crystal-clear waters, which are perfect for diving and opportunities to encounter some brilliant sea life, including endangered sea turtles, dolphins and sea cows. Palaui Island is another part of The Philippines that provides opportunities like trekking and camping under the stars to its visitors in a largely unchartered territory. Foodies can head down to Bohol for exotic seafood preparations that will not disappoint. The Philippines is definitely the place to go if you want to escape the bustle of the busy city streets.





Visit Thailand over the New Year holidays to enjoy a serving of natural beauty mixed with vibrant city life, served together. Thailand is arguably the country best-equipped in the region to welcome tourists of every shape and size. Expats, youngsters, children, honeymooners and families, Thailand is enjoyed by everyone. Thailand has a lot more to offer than the mesmerising beaches. Thailand is dripping with cultural heritage, history and modern comfort all in the same place. The floating markets, sumptuous foods, ancient ruins and wildlife, all make Thailand a destination that stands apart. Spend your day shopping, participating in the several festivals, visiting the old villages or just lazing on the beach, Thailand will take care that you are entertained.





If you are tired of beaches, then move over to the mountains… visit the greatest mountain range in the world! Less than five hours’ flight away from Hong Kong, Nepal is a completely different world. The sublime mountains stretch as far as the eye can see and the sight of monks walking silently down the road against snow-capped mountains is something that you will never forget. The place is literally bustling with Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. Experience the wealth of beauty and peace that the country holds in the form of staggering mountains, dense forests, wild rivers and unparalleled wildlife. Pump up the adrenaline when you go rock climbing or on jungle safaris through the many National Parks. Another thing that makes Nepal an attractive option is that the place is a lot cheaper when compared to other international destinations.


With these destinations waiting to be explored, all you need to do is book a ticket and hop on the plane. It will surely make the New Year all the more memorable for you. Happy New Year to one and all! May all your wishes come true!



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