Jul 18, 2018

6 Tips for Exercising in the Summer Heat


Summer’s here and it’s here to stay for a while! While we do all we can to try and beat the heat, stepping outside in the sun and sweating isn’t the solution to keeping your exercise routine on. Heat can often be an obstacle when it comes to exercise, especially given that we have to take our own convenience into consideration to pick a time for exercise. The weather means a change to our exercise routines, but it doesn’t mean time off! Here are some tips for possible adjustments when exercising this summer:


a) Timing is Very Important

We tend to move our workout timings around our working hours. It’s said that the morning, in general, is always the best time to exercise. It helps our metabolic cycle improve. However, apart from this, you need to be very selective about your morning timings. 10am to 3pm is generally the hottest part of the day, so avoid exercising during these hours. Getting your sweat on, early in the morning, will benefit you in more ways than one.



b) Choice of Attire

Shirts made from Performance Fabrics, a blend of polyester and lycra and good shoes are essential attire that enhance your exercise experience. Performance Fabrics known for their wicking effect are an ideal choice, as they absorb sweat and make exercise a whole lot more comfortable. If you're exercising outdoors, light coloured clothes help reflect the heat. Pick your shoes carefully. Don’t use tennis shoes for running, or vice versa!


c) Hydration

It goes without saying that hydration plays a vital role in exercise, whether it’s hot or not. However, in the sizzling summer heat, it's essential that you have a glass or two of water before you start off and hydrate every 20 minutes. And that’s regardless of whether you're thirsty or not. It’s important that you stay hydrated so that your energy isn’t drained as fast as it would be otherwise, and you don’t get fatigued too rapidly. Hydration packs are very helpful too, in this regard. You don’t want a case of hyperthermia!


d) Sunscreen

No matter how much you take it for granted, sunscreen is key to helping your skin deal with the heat of a big city. SPF 45 is a safe bet for exercising outdoors, but the SPF count should also vary based on the intensity of your workouts.



e) Listen to Your Body

You must have heard stories of athletes being tough and pushing through tremendous pain, physical and mental. While it’s always great to hear stories about people pushing through injuries to come out on the other side, it's also crucial to listen to your body. If your body is telling you to stop, it's time to stop. Don’t think twice about it! No amount of toughness will compensate for the suffering your body goes through in cases when it wants to shut down and you don’t let it.


f) Eat Well

While strict dieting can have its downsides (but that's something that every individual needs to balance and decide on for themselves), eating right is one of the most important parts of a regular exercise regime. Don’t eat too heavily before a routine. Food that adds fluids to your body is the best for a pre-workout meal. That’s why salads, whether it’s vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots or even fruits like strawberries, watermelons and apples, are extremely popular choices for pre-workout meals. It's natural to be extremely hungry after a good workout. Give your body salts. Have a full, nourishing meal or try something light, like nuts.


Getting your sweat on in the unforgiving heat of the summer can seem a daunting task, but it’s far from impossible. Overcoming and adapting to the conditions is a testament to your own bodily and mental strength, but remember not to take it too far! Have a healthy summer!


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