Jan 22, 2019

Who you gonna call? (Stressbusters ! ) 5 ways to relieve your stress in 2019


Unfortunately, in today’s world - especially big cities - stress is extremely common. It’s easy for to get lost within ourselves and our work and drown in our stress. With all the stressors in our environment, it’s easy to see why that would be!


If you’re reading this, chances are your job occupies most of your time. In large cities like Hong Kong, the lifestyle is so fast-paced that it’s often hard to keep up.


Everyone is in a hurry, everything has a deadline, and we’re always on our toes trying to meet our targets and keep up with life.


Work and other factors in one’s personal life can lead to immense stress. While we often succumb to it, there are plenty of ways to relieve it. Let’s take a look at a few stress-relievers.



Digital Detox


Our lives are dominated by technology. At work, many of us spend our days mostly staring into a computer screen. Once back home, we are still glued to our phones and spend hours a day on the smartphone. Indeed, in 2015, 9 out of 10 peoplewere even taking their phones in with them to the loo!


Too much technology has a strong negative impact on the brain and overall physical and mental health. Staring at the screen. Taking in negativity on the internet and social media. Sitting or lying still and not moving about. Passive absorption of information. Even carpal tunnel syndrome affects some of us. Excessive smartphone usage brings with it a range of negative consequences.


Even if you don’t find time to travel and move to a peaceful environment, start spending more time reading books or going for a walk in the park, talking to people in person, petting a dog, or, really, anything else that involves putting aside your cellphone! Dramatically reduce your technology use during your spare time.





Music is one of the best possible ways to relieve stress. Music can instantly elevate your mood and just make things feel better. Sit and embrace the music or allow it to calm you while you undertake productive activities like cleaning the house or doing other activities. Good music always makes the mood better!


Music will help distract you, explore your own emotions and prevent you from letting your negative thoughts flow freely away from you. In a word, it makes every activity fun, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or even commuting. Listening to music also helps improve productivity, though it may seem it would have the opposite effect!





Believe it or not, putting your body through physical stress actually reduces mental stress! Exercise lowers your cortisol levels, helps with your sleep and if you’re consistent - it even improves your confidence.


What’s more, it’s a great way to channel your stress productively. Take up boxing, kickboxing, MMA or any other combat sport, you’ll find that it’s a great way to healthily channel your frustrations and literally kick the stress!



Sex and physical intimacy:


Physical contact with your partner, whether it’s sex, kissing, cuddling or even just a long hug, helps release oxytocin and reduces cortisol levels. It also helps drop your blood pressure levels.


In fact, sex and stress levels form something of a cycle. A study by the University of Arizonashowed that more sex leads to a better mood, and a better mood generally leads to more sex! The same study also showed that people who had intercourse had a reduced stress response.



Meditation and breathing:


Meditation is a practice that you need to invest time in, day after day, year after year. The idea is to sit still, keep your eyes shut and focus completely on yourself, while also relaxing. Meditation helps you channel out all the negative energy. Focus on your breathing patterns, a very important part of meditation.


Seems a simple solution, right? Stress relief through sitting still! Meditation is not quite as easy it sounds yet has incredible long-term benefits.


You could even take up yoga, as it incorporates meditation, breathing and exercise all into one. It’s known to have major stress-relieving benefits and has been proven by the test of time.



Relieving stress is a long-term process that differs from person to person. It is not easy but given the level of effort you probably put into work, it is certainly worth putting in the same level of effort into yourself. Relieving stress prevents long-term burnout and helps you enjoy life more. Remember, there’s no greater investment than yourself!



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