Jan 24, 2019

5 Lucky foods to try out this Chinese New Year!


The Chinese are known to hold traditions close to heart. With festivals such as the Chinese New Year, there are very specific norms about how things are done - even more so when it comes to the food!


The New Year is about celebrating new times, with wishes of love and prosperity for all, and there are certain food traditions carrying that message, which have stood the test of time.


There are many dishes which are considered lucky, especially during New Year’s Eve Dinners. 


Tray of Togetherness


The tray of togetherness comprises of six to eight parts, including dry fruits, nuts, lucky candy, and a few other treats. It’s said to represent peace and family harmony.



Spring Rolls (Chun Juan)


Spring Rolls are generally a part of Chinese takeout for people outside of China, but for the Chinese people, they represent wealth. This is especially true when consumed in the Chinese New Year period. The name ‘spring rolls’ comes from the fact that these rolls are primarily consumed during the Spring Festival. They’re crispy, delicious and the golden snacks represent wealth. 



Fish (Yu/Yoo)


Fish is commonly consumed world-over, but for the Chinese, it’s a very traditional New Year dish. Steamed fish is considered a delicacy, representing an increase in prosperity.


Did you know it isn’t just the food that’s lucky, it’s the way it’s made and consumed that brings luck as well? They’re particular about how fish is served and consumed as well. For example, the head of the fish must be positioned towards the elders or guests to show respect. People eating can only start consuming the fish after the respected individual eats first. Moreover, the people who the head and tail of the fish faces should drink together, in order to bring luck.



Longevity noodles (Changshou Mian)


As you probably guessed, longevity noodles are meant to represent longevity in life! This is why their length is different from normal noodles. They’re prepared much longer and uncut while being boiled and served in a bowl with broth. With delicious meat to accompany, it’s quite the delicacy.



Dumplings (Jiaozi)


Dumplings are also famous world over, with minced meat and vegetables wrapped in dough and shaped uniquely. Dumplings date back over 1,800 years.


It's said to represent wealth, and during the New Year period, dumplings with cabbage and radish inside are consumed. This indicates that the person’s mood will be gentle and mellow in the year to come.


Lucky dumplings need to have the right number of folds, otherwise, it’s believed to bring poverty. Sometimes, a white thread is placed inside the dumpling, and the person who eats it will attain wealth and longevity.



The concept of ‘lucky food’ goes far beyond superstition. It represents thousands of years of culture and the celebration of new times, luck and prosperity for all. The Chinese New Year is one of the most beautiful festivals to celebrate, whether it’s in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, or really any other part of the globe.



This Chinese New Year, the year of the Pig, celebrate with the local Chinese people to experience their beautiful culture and delicious food. You never know when luck could strike! 


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