Jun 11, 2018

The 10 Best Summer Sports to Enjoy in Hong Kong


It’s always wise to stay active, and there’s no gym in the world that can give you as much joy as playing a sport with friends or acquaintances. So give sport a chance, as you work towards your summer body.

Sport has always been an integral part of Hong Kong's culture, with the influence of the British bringing western sports to our island. Indoors, outdoors, on land or in water… Hong Kong has something for everyone!


Water Sports





Swimming is the most basic (and fun!) water exercise there is. It burns the calories, helps you bond with your swimming buddies, cool down and beat the heat. There are swimming pools near you, wherever you are, including the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool, Kennedy Town Swimming Pool and Chai Wan Swimming Pool.


Nighttime Kayaking



Nighttime kayaking - a new, exciting form of kayaking undertaken during the nights around Cheung Chau island. Take a guided tour in the night. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see bioluminescent algae in the water! There aren't too many places offering you this experience, but A-Team Edventures run regular tours. The guided tour costs around $700 per head and includes a land trip into the Cheung Chau village to see the night market as well.





Head to Hoi Ha Wan, a protected marine park to snorkel among 60 types of hard coral and with 120 species of coral fish! You’ll need to kayak for 10 minutes from Hoi Ha Wan to reach here, thus combining two sports in one. You can get all the necessary gear from Hoi Ha Wan, or take an all-inclusive package tour from Adventure Tours.


Windsurfing and Paddleboarding



Head out to Stanley Beach and try your skill at standing on a surfboard, attached to a sail or just standing on the surfboard, using a long oar or paddle and test your balance while on the water.  The HK leisure & cultural center offers classes or rents equipment for personal use.  Just stay away from Stanley Beach on 18 June, which is the annual Dragon Boat festival!



Land Sports





When was the last time you truly enjoyed a rousing game of football? With the World Cup season in full swing, there’s no better time to start playing 'the beautiful game’. Power Soccer has two 5-a-side venues in Hong Kong.


Horse riding &  racing



Horse Racing is an integral part of HK culture, with the Wednesday night races in Happy Valley and Sha Tin race course. Experience something completely new at Pokfulam Public Riding School or Tuen Mun Public Riding School, or any one of a number of riding schools in the city.


Indoor Sports


Bubble Soccer



If you've never tried bubble football, get ready for a whole new level of fun. Crossfire Arena offers some unique indoor sports, including glow-in-the-dark bubble football. Wear a bubble suit and run into your opponents as much as around them as you struggle to score a goal! All for just $225 per head.


Rock Climbing



Rock climbing is a far more challenging sport than it looks. Apart from just cardio and grip, rock climbing challenges your wit and instincts as well. One thing’s for sure: it's worth the sore body you get after your first time! Visit Just Climb, Attic V Climbing Gym or The Hong Kong Climbing School to train and practise this fun indoor sport.


It’s always a good thing to be spoilt for choice, and in this day, age and place, you definitely are. This list includes only a few of the range of sporting options available to you. So give sport a chance. Let’s get fit this summer!


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