Feb 07, 2018

Dating in Hong Kong

Technology has overtaken the world. We depend completely on machines to make our lives easier. A cup of coffee in the morning doesn’t usually come from a barista but from a coffee machine in our own house or office. We would rather go to a gym to run than run in a park.


Communication too has taken the same route. So much so that we find it easier to talk to people on the phone than initiate a one-to-one conversation. This shift from the physical to the digital is seen in the world of romance as well, as online dating apps cater to these changing preferences. Whether or not this change is a particularly positive one, of course, remains a topic of debate.


On the one hand, the popularity of online dating apps like Tinder, Blendr or Coffee Meets Bagel is only on the rise as increasing numbers of people are undertaking the search for partners online. On the other hand, frustration with online dating apps is also increasing, especially within middle and older age groups.



While meeting up after only some conversation online works for some, it is a rather nerve-racking experience for many. There are also solid reasons for people to be a little sceptical about online dating. According to statistics, online dating scams were the second largest kind of scams by monetary loss incurred, in the year 2017. More than $20 million was lost to such scams in Australia alone, and that doesn’t even take into consideration cases that weren’t reported.


Scams are not the only reason why people around the world, including in Hong Kong, are turning to old-fashioned matchmaking rather than venturing online in search of a partner. Many are discovering that online dating is not for them, most commonly because of the lack of an emotional connection with a person sitting on the other side of a screen.



We as humans try and connect not only via words but also through body language. This element vanishes in the case of online dating apps. Emojis can only do so much! J Also, the spontaneity of a physical meeting, the little nuances of getting to know a person you are meeting for the first time, first impressions, getting to know each other not only through what you hear or read but also what you see… these are very important parts of the dating ritual. It seems the old-school charm of wooing is what is missing in these online apps.


Another reason why mature singles are moving back towards traditional methods of dating is that most of these apps cater to a very young audience. They are more often than not used for hookups, one-night stands and for casual relationships. The share of people looking for a serious, long-term relationship is quite limited, and so it can become increasingly disappointing as you try to find a decent match who shares the same sensibilities you do.



People who are looking for a long-term partner, especially mature people, have a very different set of requirements. For example, a woman in her late thirties with two young daughters needs someone who is not only good for her but for her family as well. Or a man in his late fifties, nearing retirement, would probably want someone with the same hobbies or ideas of relaxation to enjoy his retirement years with. In such scenarios, going out and actually meeting people rather than swiping through your phone hours on end seems a much more efficient method of identifying a partner!



At meet.mozaic, we understand the nuances of matchmaking and the fact that there is nothing better than a one-to-one meeting when you are looking for a long-term partner.  We take charge of being your matchmakers… a personal service we’re proud to offer you! We strive to bring to you just the kind of match you are looking for, minus the endless hours of mindless swiping!


We believe that the best way to find a match for anyone is to understand what kind of a person they are and are looking for. We therefore begin with a personal, one-on-one meeting with each of our clients, to get familiar with them and understand their needs before looking for a match for them. Not only does this diminish the chances of a fraudulent encounter, it also helps narrow our search down to exactly what you are after. We provide a discreet service, tailor-made for mature singles, where they will be offered suitable matches, all the while keeping their personal details confidential.


Since the majority of our clients are English-speakers, language barriers are rare, if not non-existent. Just book a free consultation and give us an hour to get to know you. Leave the rest to us! Not only do we suggest matches to you, we set up your dates too. All you need to do is register with us, pay a small fee and let the process begin.  No further fees are charged until you chose to go on your first date.  Leave the stress to meet.mozaic and book a free consultation now!


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