Jan 08, 2018

New Year Resolutions for a New You!


Now that Christmas is behind us, let’s look forward to the New Year! After weeks of delicious parties, the new year gives you an occasion to put your health first. The turn of the new year for many means a fresh start. With the New Year just around the corner, we’re all busy planning our resolutions. January sees the maximum number of people behaving their best and treating their body as the temple it should always be. For the first time in months, health gets to take precedence in people’s lives over food and partying!

Every year a new set of health trends sprout, to help followers achieve better health in the upcoming new year and 2018 looks like it’s going to be no different! Many new fitness regimes have come up and many old ones have been revisited, all for the purpose of helping you achieve a healthier mind, body and soul.


Top Five Fitness Trends for the Coming Year




1.  Boxing

Boxing as a fitness phenomenon is only expected to grow in the coming year. Apart from toning your muscles to give you a more sculpted body, boxing also helps towards improving your heart health. Boxing as a health regime can also help you achieve your weight goals in 2018, as it helps to shed the extra pounds from the more stubborn areas. Boxing is not as dangerous as it might seem. Instead of damaging the bones, it helps to strengthen them and increase bone density. It also helps to improve agility and coordination. Apart from building up your bodily strength, packing punches also works towards increasing your endurance… and your ability to defend yourself too.




2.  Water Workouts

Water Workouts are definitely not new but they evolve every year, with a different twist added to these exercise regimes. Deep Water Workouts and Warm Water Workouts are increasingly gaining momentum, thanks to the numerous health benefits that water workouts provide. Since water exerts more pressure on the muscles than air, underwater workouts work faster and better in helping your muscle strength improve. Water exercises are low impact exercises which means that its impact on joints is much less, making them a good workout for people with joint problems or those who are advanced in age.




3.  Virtual Reality Workouts

The increasing dependency on and love for screens, and continuously decreasing time in people’s lives, means that Virtual Reality Workouts are more popular than ever before. More sophisticated technology has enabled people to enter the virtual world without ever leaving their home space for purposes of recreation or exercise. Virtual Reality Workouts use gear like treadmills, headsets, VR glasses and an entire setup that lets you exercise with a virtual group of people just like you would have done in a gym… but from the comfort of your home. Another version of these workouts comes in the form of VR games, in which people fight bad guys or practice virtual sword fighting, burning calories and increasing strength all the while.




4.  High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is all the rage for the coming year too. HIIT includes bursts of intense workout where 100% effort and strength is put in by the exerciser. These are often accompanied by shorter, less intense periods of activity which are known as recovery periods. HIIT works towards exercising the heart as the heartbeat increases rapidly. Due to this increase in the heart rate, more calories are burnt in a shorter interval of time. The major benefits of HIIT are that it does not take a lot of time or require any fancy equipment. It is quick and efficient and works towards your body the same way a longer workout would. 




5.  Gymnastics-Style Training

People are discovering another great way of breaking the monotony of a workout by moving towards skill-based exercises. Instead of just building muscle or reaching a particular weight goal, people are putting time and effort to learn a skill, while working towards a healthier lifestyle on a longer term. Gymnastics also helps improve body flexibility. People are working on things like handstands, rings, ropes, hoops, etc. which are fun to do and also give them something more than a healthy body to show for at the end of a workout. Learning skills together is also healthier as a social exercise than going every day to the same gym. Learning gymnastics with a group of people is a lot more fun and gives more flexibility when compared to other exercise options.




Choose any of these fitness fads in the coming new year, or invent your own! Blaze your own trail and stay healthy through it all. Keep working towards making 2018 a healthier and more prosperous new year. Happy New Year from all of us at Mozaic Club!



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