Dec 13, 2017

How to eat healthy and avoid weight gain over the holidays

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the holidays can easily turn into the most regretful time of the year, too! According to a study conducted by the Texas Tech University, people gain an average of about a pound to a pound and a half in just the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year. And in most cases, this extra padding doesn’t go anywhere once holidays are done! Imagine piling on a pound and a half every year, without realizing!


But this is an entirely solvable enigma. With some simple measures, you can prevent yourself from being carried away by the festive cheer and taking on calories that you don’t need.

Write it down.

The easiest way to weight watch is to write down everything you eat, as and when you eat it, even that chocolate candy that you randomly popped into your mouth and that ‘certainly doesn’t count’! Writing down every little thing makes you conscious of just how much you’ve eaten by the end of the day.



Use a smaller plate.

The size of the plates we eat in has increased steadily in the past few decades. This has affected our eating habits as well. Eating on a smaller platter makes the plate look fuller with less amount of food. This tricks you into thinking that you have eaten more. No matter how ridiculous this sounds, it actually works.


Serve like at a restaurant.

Bringing out all the food that you have and putting it down at the table all at once does not help. When you have a bowl of potatoes, ham, stuffing, cake and lasagna all at once on the table, it can lead to you stuffing your face with more food than you need. Instead, keep a portion of that food on the table and put the rest of it in the kitchen.



Give yourself a breather.

It takes the stomach twenty minutes to realize that it has consumed food. Eating everything, one on top of the other, doesn’t give your stomach enough time to process. After you have eaten something, give yourself a couple of minutes and see if you need more food.



Let yourself indulge sometimes.

Being too strict on yourself when you are craving something badly, can have an adverse effect. If you feel like having that chocolate cake, don’t spend two hours punishing yourself. Chances are, if you give in, you will end up eating a lot of it. The better thing to do is to have a small slice and enjoy it to the fullest.




Keep healthy alternatives with you.

Always keep a little bag of dry fruits or a healthy energy bar at your side. That way, if you are at a party and hunger strikes, you don’t end up binging on all that sugary and oily food. Eat a handful of nuts, fruits or an energy bar to satiate that hunger in a healthier manner and then give yourself a serving of all that delicious, unhealthy food.



Eat slow.

Eating slow doesn’t only help your digestive system because you get to chew the food properly, thus putting less pressure on the kidneys. It also gives the brain time to register how much you are eating. Enjoy your meal and take your time eating. You will relish your meal and stay healthy while doing it.


Do not overcook.

It is very important that you keep a check on what you are buying and how many guests you need to serve. More often than not, people go overboard while Christmas shopping or while shopping for their Thanksgiving dinner. The result is trays upon trays of leftover food that stay in the freezer for several days. It also means that you are eating the same unhealthy meal for several more days to come. Plan and buy just what you need, and nothing extra.


Stack up on those veggies.

The best way to enjoy the endless parties without seeming rude is to add a lot of veggies on the plate instead of high-starch breads. Take a portion of the meat and a lot of veggies. That way, you can enjoy all the good food without putting on those extra pounds.



Just these few easy steps can make your festive season much more fun and the coming January a lot less regret-filled. Make a conscious effort to move towards good health. A healthy mind will follow… mens sana in corpore sano. Keep the festive cheer, but ditch those festive calories!



Healthy Holidays! 


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