Dec 08, 2017

’Tis The Season to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Christmas has a distinct flavour and a way of celebration, depending on which part of the world you are in. Just like Christmas Day, Christmas Eve is also celebrated differently in different places. An essential part of the Christmas celebrations, Christmas dinner has also taken on the flavour of the place.




In Sweden, Christmas Dinner is enjoyed with Christmas ham, prepared with boiled eggs, whitefish and pickled meat. An accompaniment of mulled wine known as Glögg, is also a part of the traditional dinner. Across the North Atlantic Ocean, in Puerto Rico, people like to go all out with their Christmas dinners. A roast suckling pig known as lechón is prepared as a part of the dinner. It is accompanied with coquito served in a coconut shell, on the side. It is a spin on eggnog, made especially for the festive season by mixing coconut milk, condensed milk and rum.

The Italians feast on what is known as a Feast of Seven Fishes. An ode to the wait for the birth of Jesus, this traditional meal is made of Calamari, linguini with clams, shrimp scampi, and many other fish products.

In the Provence region of France, people prepare thirteen traditional desserts, honouring Christ and his twelve apostles. After they are made, they are left out for people to nibble upon.

Japan’s Christmas dinner choice is unique. It’s the result of a very successful advertising campaign. The Japanese celebrate their Christmas by eating fried chicken, with KFC being the most popular place to go. It has become pretty much a tradition now!

Hong Kong Christmas dinner options reflect the abundance and variety that come with being a melting pot of different cultures. Hong Kong people, as a result of this potpourri, get to enjoy Christmas dinner in as many different ways as they desire.



Travel the Traditional Route…

Hong Kong’s colonial past brings it close to the traditional ways of the British. Celebrate like the Europeans do, in the numerous old-school establishments.




The Peninsula, one of Hong Kong’s oldest and grandest buildings hosts their Christmas dinner in a grand manner. Christmas carols, string quartet, Santa Claus, dinner dances, they have it all, and of course together with a scrumptious meal!

The Ritz-Carlton’s Tosca restaurant also celebrates with all the splendour of the old colonial era. A six-course meal with champagne is served throughout Christmas eve and Christmas day, while Jazz and Santa Claus bring Christmas cheer to the hotel’s lobby.

The Pawn is another place that offers Christmas dinner the British way. Its’ delicious three-course meals include ham and traditional English favourites like pigs-in-a-blanket, stuffing and Christmas pudding soaked in alcohol.


… or Travel the World

Get the enticing flavours of Europe in Hong Kong. The place is bustling with restaurants that will bring you traditional and not-so-traditional Christmas dinners from across the European continent.




Jamie’s Italian brings Christmas cheer through an assortment of festive favourites like roasted turkey, ossobuco alla Milanese, retro prawn cocktail and an assortment of desserts.

Pirata is another place that offers the taste of traditional Italian Christmas meal. From festive brunch to dinner, they do it all. Their menu includes meatballs, steak, desserts and everything Christmas in six courses. To top it up, they serve il Natale, a seasonal cocktail.

Maison Es is where you need to be, if you are after a French inspired Christmas dinner. From the X’mas Oyster and Seafood brunch to the six-course meal, including delicacies such as John Dory, Wagyu Rib Eye and Boston Lobster, they prepare their food with the flair that comes with French cuisine.

Uma Nota’s Brazilian menu adds a truly international colour to any Christmas dinner. Their Dia de Festejar holiday menu fashioned after the Brazilian culinary tastes includes coxinhas, ceviche, pork ribs and caipirinha to get you in the festive spirit!

Experience Christmas dinner with a Spanish twist with The Optimist. Enjoy the traditional festive eats of Spain, like Roast Iberian Ham, Broken Eggs Huevos Rotos and Seafood Charcoal Baked Rice al Horno all the while sipping on the restaurant’s festive cocktail, the Canela.




Bring it Home

If you would rather enjoy your Christmas dinner in the warmth of your own house with your family and friends, then opt for these amazing places that offer pickup and delivery options!

Order your Australian-styled turkey from Pacific Gourmet. Get it frozen or defrosted with a self-basting marinade and enjoy the taste of turkey with half the effort!

Café Bar on 8 offers a customized Christmas menu for you to relish at home. From traditional turkey to Asian Sashimi, they deliver everything to the comfort of your home.

HABITŪ’s seasonal special takeaway menu makes Christmas dinner effortless with their Sweet Potato Beef Wellington, Baby Back Ribs, Halibut Fillet, Caviar Carbonara and lots more. Just stop by and have your customized menu collected.


Starting to get hungry? The only thing left to do is choose from the wide range of options before you! Don’t forget to book your table, then just sit back, relax and dwell in the festive spirit.





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