Sep 20, 2017

Most Popular Asian Cities to Retire In

Retirement is when you stop living at work
And start working at life.

Once the grand retirement celebrations are over, it’s time for the real celebration to begin. So hang up your work boots, put on your travel hat and forget about Monday morning blues.

Retirement is a huge shift and some people these days are marking it by changing countries! Around 400,000 retirees from America in the last year alone, chose to retire abroad and the number is only increasing.

Retire. Live. Love. Asia.

In the past decade, Asia too has become a hotbed for foreign retirees. In the 2017 Annual Global Retirement Index published by The International Living magazine, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam have scored places in the top twenty-five countries to retire in.


Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

Not every expat leaves home to retire in a quaint little town, some are after the same fast-paced lifestyle, just a little easier on the pockets. Kuala Lumpur is just the place for those people. From the quirky Urbanscapes festivals to the traditional Thaipusam procession every year, from colonial cathedrals to contemporary art galleries, from Malaysian street food to New York pizza, Kuala Lumpur has something to offer for everyone. The Cost of Living for Kuala Lumpur falls a little below half of that of New York. So you’ll have a little something saved for a rainy day even after partying seven days a week!


Koh Samui | Thailand

If you have always dreamt of a retirement by the sea, Koh Samui is the place to be. With the seasons nicely split into dry, hot or rainy, unpredictable weather should not be a problem here. Although property ownership is problematic for foreigners and visas do need to be renewed every year, the whole process is not lengthy and does not drain too much of your resources. Because it is a popular destination, renting is always a cheap and readily available option. And if you need a little extra cash, teaching English is an option on the island.


Sihanoukville | Cambodia

If budget and beach are your only two prerequisites, then Sihanoukville is the place for you. This coastal city is perfect to enjoy your retirement days in peace, strolling down the beach and living in relative simplicity. With a monthly budget approximating $ 1,200 (USD), a developed rental market and breathtaking sunsets, this Cambodian town is a retirement haven. However, retirees over a certain age might find it less convenient to live without the luxuries that cities like Kuala Lumpur provide.


Hoi An | Vietnam

Although the cities of Vietnam are gaining popularity with digital nomads, its breathtaking little towns are a perfect place for the older expats and retirees. With cost of living only a little more than Thailand (which is the cheapest Asian country to live in!), Vietnam has a lot to offer. Hoi An was once a bustling port and has all the traits of a retired port town; beautiful architecture, vibrant culture and welcoming people. It has an abundance of cheap food, gas and rent options and beer costs less than $ 1! There are also modern medical services available and once you are acquainted with the locals, safety is not a major issue.


Make Your Plans!

So if you are retired, retiring soon (or have decided to take an early retirement after reading the article!) Asia is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Happy Packing!

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