Aug 21, 2017

World of Flavours

A confluence of East and West, Hong Kong is an international hub for food. Celebrating our history as the world’s melting pot this week was the HKTDC Food Expo 2017 (August 17-21), showcasing cuisine from around the world.

The HKTDC Food Expo is an annual fair and is sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It’s the city’s leading food trade event, and brought together 900+ international exhibitors this year.

HKTDC Food Expo 2017 was the 28th edition of this annual fair.



Trade Hall: A Feast of Opportunities

The Food Expo whetted appetites and fed business interests alike!

An ideal marketing platform, the Expo helped food and beverage suppliers showcase their tasty treats to their audience in Asia and beyond. The Expo brought together buyers and consumers in a meeting of minds like no other.

The Trade Hall, primarily intended for trade visitors (as the name suggests) was also home to a range of interesting pavilions and zones. These themed zones made the Trade Hall an interesting visit for any foodie, business-oriented or otherwise. The Trade Hall was open to general public on the final day of the Expo.

Pavilions showcased the strengths of various countries and regions. Special theme zones included the Chinese Medicine Zone, set up in association with the International Conference of the Modernisation of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM) and the Halal Food Zone. These unique pavilions featured sector-specific products, information and services.





Public Hall: A Feast for the Senses!

The Public Hall not only gave exhibitors an opportunity to test their tasty treats and get immediate responses from consumers, but gave consumers a great place to interact with the latest in delectable cuisine.

Branded products were showcased in the Premium Food Zone, and the finest food and beverages in the Gourmet Zone. The Gourmet Zone was divided into four themes: Western Delicacy, Asian Cuisine, Sweet Delight and Green Palate.

The Gourmet Zone showcased some of the finest foods from around the world. These four themes were organised into four distinct categories – Sweet Delights, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), European Delights, and Fine Dining.

The Gourmet Zone often also includes an Aroma Lane, dedicated to coffee connoisseurs and baristas. Offering new barista techniques, exotic coffee beans and machines, the Aroma Lane can fill the air with the intoxicating scent of morning.


Variety… the Spice of Life!

With a wide array of more than nine hundred exhibitors from approximately twenty countries and regions, the visitor had plenty of interest to see, do, smell, and eat!

Food – be it ingredients or dishes, local or exotic, gourmet or snacks – there was something for every foodie at the Food Expo.

Businesses were diligently selected to add value to the themed Pavilions. Taiwanese Handmade Peanut Egg Rolls. New Zealand Ale. Dutch Citrus Lavender Cheese. Matcha ice-cream. Japanese Jelly Plum Wine. Himalayan Pink Salt Brick. Indonesian Kopi Luwak. Unique and refreshingly new flavours jostled with each other for attention at this busy Expo.


Knowledge is the Food of the Soul

Top chefs from around the world attended the Expo to provide their fans with live demonstrations of their recipes. Tips and better ways to cook were passed on to the gourmets and budding chefs in their audience.

These were paired by some thought-provoking seminars on industry topics, bringing new information to professionals as much as the general public! Seminars covered topics ranging from Nutrition and Development to Food Hygiene and Safety.

Hygiene is taken seriously here at the Food Expo. The Quality Exhibitor Scheme, which is a recurring feature of the Expo, helps to identify and celebrate the restaurants that meet the highest quality standards.

Food columnists were available for discussions on topics ranging from favourite restaurants and chefs to best cooking practices.

In the Aroma Lane of the Gourmet Zone, a blind tasting of Indonesia’s Kopi Luwak was conducted. The most expensive type of coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak is partly processed in the digestive system of the civet cat!





Something for Everyone

Whether general public or in the trade, there was something for everyone here at the Food Expo. The authentic and exotic foods, condiments, produce, snacks and gadgets on display make this annual Expo a buyer’s haven. These industry stalwarts visit to take the pulse of the industry; to identify the latest ideas in the field.

Said Huang Wenhua, Commerce Bureau of Hubei Province: “We are staging our biggest-ever exhibition at the Expo this year featuring over 100 enterprises from Hubei in our pavilion. Many buyers approached our enterprises to explore business opportunities too. The Expo is an international trading platform where we can promote our products and help our enterprises grow continuously.”

The Public Hall (which included the Premium Food Zone, Health, Green and Organic Zone, Noodles and Pasta Zone, and Night Bazaar) drew in tourists and gourmets alike, by the thousand.

The Night Bazaar was a platform where foodstuffs of all kinds are sold at discounted rates. This Bazaar was the Night Market of the Expo; the economical space where visitors are encouraged to try something new.

Visitors, snacking on kale chips or ice-cream as they move from stall to stall, were a common sight. Casual patrons rubbed shoulders with seasoned chefs and critics. The medley came together with all the charm of an excellent steamboat!

Lucky draws and interactive games were also held to keep the Expo light and lively. A win in one of these games could net the player vouchers, samples or products. A great way to cap off a perfect foodie day.





Concurrent Events

Parallely, four other related events also took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

  • -    HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair
  • -    International Conference of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products
  • -    Home Delights Expo
  • -    HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo

Working together synergistically to give the visitor a holistic perspective of the latest in lifestyle goods, these five Expos together made for a great weekend out.


General Information

If you missed Food Expo 2017, do try and catch the 2018 edition. Offering you a refreshing medley of flavours at an affordable fee, the Food Expo is a uniquely Hong Kong experience.

HKTDC Food Expo 2017 was held from August 17-21, 2017 from 10am onwards, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai.

For more information, please visit

Open to public by ticket admission. HK25 for Public Hall and Home Delights. HK40 for Public Hall, Home Delights and Gourmet Zone. HK10 for Public Hall and Home Delights Night admission. Special rates for Tourists on presentation of Passport. Children aged under 3 and seniors aged above 65 admitted free of charge.

Data taken from official HKTDC web sources.







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