Mar 15, 2019

Hong Kong Flower Show 2019: When dreams blossom


Hong Kong may be the World City of Asia and the very definition of a concrete jungle, but one of the best initiatives of government and citizens is to plant greenery and life amidst the skyscrapers.


This has resulted in plantation and maintenance of a lot of trees, the emergence of parks, gardens and a plethora of flowers. In fact, the culture of Hong Kong is such that even those with a small apartment make sure to keep plants and flowers on their balconies and in their flats.



As spring returns, so does a major event - the annual Hong Kong Flower Show. Brought to you by the Leisure & Cultural Services Department, the Show showcases 9 days of not just greenery, but all colours of the rainbow, as people from Hong Kong, Mainland China and further afield gather together to celebrate and promote horticulture.



The Show takes place at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, every year. This year, the featured flower is the Chinese Hibiscus. The flower show will see the Hibiscus displayed in all sorts of forms, from potted plants to floral arrangement, to landscape displays. 


The flower show which turns Victoria Park into a sea of fcolour and sweet smells has garnered widespread critical acclaim across the globe, and has helped build relations with the Mainland, including Guangdong and Macau Greater Bay area, creating development opportunities.


Lau Kong-wah, Secretary for Home Affairs said:


"We are eager to listen to the public. The annual flower show is one of the best occasions to share happiness with everyone and a good time to communicate with the youth, as well as to encourage the public to participate in major community events."



The Chinese Hibiscus wasn't chosen at random to be the theme flower this year. It represents dreams, joy, ambition, moving forward and being full of life. It's meant to represent the people of Hong Kong.



The Chinese Hibiscus isn't the only kind of hibiscus on display - you'll see many more flowers from the family such as the Rose of Sharon, Cuban Bast, Changeable Rose-mallow and Coral Hibiscus, along with a wide variety of tetramerous flowers. Apart from just viewing it from an aesthetical perspective, you'll also learn the medicinal value of these flora.



The event as a whole is about promoting horticulture and the benefits of greenery. With previous record-breaking attendances of 720,000 people over 9 days, that number is only expected to grow, as the event hosts a range of different activities for people of all ages. 


Whether it's a student drawing competition, exhibit and photo competitions, green activity workshops, floral art demonstrations or anything else, there's no shortage of things to do in the nine days. To top it all off, you can enjoy diverse cultural and musical performances as well.



Venue: Victoria Park


Date: March 15 to 24

Time: 9am to 9pm every day 


Admission Fee: $14


For more queries on the activities scheduled on each day, click here. Enjoy the colours… it's time to welcome spring!


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