Sep 13, 2018

5 Other Art Museums In Hong Kong That You Should Visit


Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot, leading to some incredible art in the metropolis. The importance of art and culture in Hong Kong can’t be emphasized enough! From the city’s streets to mainland China to every corner of the world, various forms of art and culture have added to Hong Kong’s rich culture and heritage, adorning the city’s art museums.


If you’re an art enthusiast living in the city, you’re spoilt for choice! With the Hong Kong Museum of Art located on the TST waterfront, and still under renovation (expected to be reopened in mid-2019) we will list five lesser known, yet worth visiting art museums in Hong Kong.



i) Art Museum, CUHK


The Art Museum is an important part of the Institute of Chinese Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). They focus on mainland China and the rich culture, heritage, humanities and arts of the ancient and pre-modern eras. They host several exhibitions, all year round.


The upcoming exhibition, “Jewels of Transcendence: Himalayan & Mongolian Treasures”, beginning on September 30 and ending on February 24, 2019, is a great opportunity to learn about the mountains and their culture.


For more information on tours, guides and timings, visit here.



ii) Hong Kong Film Archive


The Hong Kong Film Archive is a cinephile’s paradise. With four floors dedicated to storing, exhibiting, preserving and screening old Hong Kong films and global classics, this is the perfect place to immerse yourself in rare cinematic gems of every language.


The archive area also holds books, magazines and newspapers and various other material on cinema.


Working tirelessly to preserve the essence of Hong Kong cinema, the Film Archive has a packed schedule over the course of the next few months. So if you’re interested in screenings or talks on film, visit here.



iii) Hong Kong Arts Centre


One of the most prestigious and respected institutes in the city, the HKAC covers various international arts and culture organizations. It’s easy to get lost in time here in an incredible educational experience. 


There is a variety of exciting events on offer at the Arts Centre, ranging from theatre to cinema to art and more. We recommend that you visit the HKAC 40th Anniversary Flagship Exhibition - Wan Chai Grammatica: Past, Present, Future Tense.


Starting on September 30 and ending on November 4, the prestigious exhibition celebrates the city’s cultural and artistic identity as seen through, perhaps, the most iconic district of Hong Kong: Wan Chai. 


Celebrate the marvelous city with HKAC. For more information on the flagship exhibition, click here.For more information on upcoming events, click here.



iv) Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


HKVAC is an excellent studio for practicing artists, particularly in the fields of ceramics, sculpture and printmaking. They have an exhibition space that has local artists display their talent. It’s the ideal spot to check out the works of up-and-coming artists.



v) University Museum & Art Gallery, HKU


In the University of Hong Kong, the Museum & Art Gallery displays an incredible range of art that provides a unique cultural and artistic experience. The museum also hosts exhibitions and is home to over a thousand items from China such as bronze, antiques and ceramic, as well as carvings of jade, wood, and stone. The museum and art gallery is a great way to go back in time and explore Chinese culture. 


There’s no place on earth that offers the historical and cultural richness of China, and Hong Kong has multiple platforms that showcase this cultural heritage. Experience something you’ve never seen before. 


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