Sep 06, 2018

Stay In Vogue !


Hong Kong Fashion has a fascinating history that not many know of. Western Culture has always met with Eastern, here, and this charming fusion has resulted in some of the world’s most unique styles and trends. Today, the Hong Kong fashion scene is booming and the metropolitan is viewed as one of the top fashion destinations of the world. But how did all this come to be?


From the mid-20th Century, Hong Kong has been in the forefront of fashion… a position that has only continued to strengthen and grow. It’s seen its ups and downs, but mostly ups! Fashion trends were influenced by pop culture and modernity. But the changes in fashion on the island also reflect swings in economic growth, consumerism and outside influence.


Being a cultural melting pot, Hong Kong saw huge manufacturing development, which heavily swayed fashion design. Hong Kong’s actors and actresses, like Lin Dai, Josephine Siao Fong, Connie Chan Po-chu and Anita Mui, played a role through the decades in influencing fashion trends as well.



Each decade of growth in fashion saw external factors play an increasingly large role in the island’s fashion sense. By the mid-20th century, Hong Kong had gained a reputation it still holds today: a place from which quality goods can be cheaply imported. A mass influx of Mainland immigrants brought with them expertise and knowledge of textile and tailoring skills. Hong Kong became a huge hub to export clothes to the West, especially the US and the UK.



Through the swinging sixties and the rise of television in the seventies, the growth of Hong Kong’s fashion industry continued, culminating in the 1980s… truly the golden era of Hong Kong fashion. At this point, it was estimated that almost 40% of the working population was in the garment industry.


We jump to modern times and fashion continues to hold pride of place in Hong Kong! To celebrate the vibe of fashion in the city, CentreStage have taken the initiative and organized a month-long campaign comprising 90 city-wide events. It’s a fashionista’s treat that will involve a lot of interesting participation!


Here are some of the events to look forward to:


Smart Fashion Runway 2018 (Theme: Canvas of the Night Sky)

Venue: QUBE, PMQ  

Date: September 5-9


MINI X YDC - S/S19 Fashion Gear Night  

Venue: MINI HK Wan Chai Showroom 

Date: September 13


Laurel x My French Elegance Styling Workshop 

Venue: Harbour City 

Date: September 14


Redress Design Award 2018 Exhibition 

Venue: Mercedes me Store, Central

Date: September 14-23


Handicraft Fair 

Venue: JCCAC

Date: September 15-16



These interesting events are set to feature people of different cultures, regions and age groups so the dynamic in the events will be electric as you learn the newest trends in the industry. For instance, did you know that in an interesting new trend that seems to be seeing increased acceptance here in Hong Kong and China, designer fashion is being merged with streetwear? If you’re a fashionista, work in the fashion industry or just love to always look your best, these events will help you stay ahead of the curve! 


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