Aug 24, 2018

Five Great Sporting Events


There are several sporting tournaments which are more grand spectacles than simple ways to display athletic talent to the world. Representing clubs, countries or simply themselves, sportspeople compete to prove that they’re the very best at what they do.


But what is it that makes these top sporting competitions so prestigious? Many of these competitions have decades or even centuries of history, and have seen the cream of the crop compete. But it’s more than just the tournament. It’s the moments, the emotions, the magic that make them special. 


While every sport has its prestigious competitions, these five stand out.


v) Tour de France


Tour de France


With a history of 115 years and counting, the Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling competition in the world. The epic event spans over the course of three weeks. It’s divided into 21 stages spanning 3,350 kilometres. And that’s 3,350 kilometres covering various different terrains, including five hilly stages and six mountain stages! 


iv) The Super Bowl


The Super Bowl


The Super Bowl isn’t just any regular sporting match; it’s an unmatched spectacle. Since 1967, the Super Bowl has been the largest sporting event in the North American subcontinent, being the finale of the NFL (National Football League). However, over the years, it’s become a global spectacle. It’s no surprise that the NFL is a gigantic spectacle, getting major mainstream coverage in the United States and abroad. 


Given the star-studded halftime show performances, and even advertisements that the fans eagerly await, the mood and excitement that come with the Super Bowl sometimes have little to do with the game itself! Be that as it may, the Super Bowl ranks among the greatest sporting spectacles in the world!


iii) Wimbledon




Wimbledon is one of the four Tennis Grand Slam tournaments and by far the most prestigious. With a history dating back to the 19th Century, the tournament has evolved and is today arguably the single classiest sporting tournament in the world. Its progress saw the inclusion of women in the 1960s.


Wimbledon remains to be one of the greatest sporting tournaments in the world and draws only the most elite athletes, male and female.


ii) The Olympics




Very few sporting events in the world can hope to match the grandeur of the Olympics. The tournament occurs once in four years and hosts over 11,000 athletes from over 200 nations. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind spectacle featuring the best of the best from several different sports. Every four years, we see the rise of some incredible young talent who step up to mesmerize millions… and make their nation proud. 


i) FIFA World Cup


FIFA World Cup


With the world still in the thrall of FIFA Fever, we’d argue that there simply aren't any sporting competitions that draw the kind of global attention the way the FIFA World Cup does! With 32 teams (increasing to 48 from the 2026 edition onwards) and the largest audience commanded by any sporting tournament, the FIFA World Cup is a display of ‘The Beautiful Game’ at its absolute finest. The world's best players represent their country for the most prestigious prize in the Football universe. Passionate fans span the gamut of emotions from grief to euphoria, culminating in that epic moment of World Cup 2018, the artificial earthquake in Mexico City caused by celebrating fans! It’s a spectacle that’s never been matched and frankly, may never be!


These five tournaments truly stand out, but there are several great competitions across sports. With a huge range of sports, of platforms and of stars across nationalities, these events are only bringing people closer together every year. There’s something for everyone! 


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