Jul 25, 2018

5 Forms of Dance you can take up… other than Disco!


Dancing is one of the world’s finest and most popular arts. The sheer range of dance forms found around the world proves what a global phenomenon dance has been for millennia! Dance, like every form of art, has evolved over time.


Dance is a great aerobic workout that helps flexibility, balance and foot movement, helping you stay active and healthy. In fact, two studiesdone by the University of Missouri show that danced-based therapy helps improve balance in seniors.


It’s never too late for anything, and with the age of disco long gone, here are five forms of dance you need to learn:


1. Salsa




With its origin in Cuba, this high-energy form of dance has become so popular that it’s evolved throughout the world. The two most prominent styles of Salsa are the Cuban Style and the Los Angeles Style. The Cubanstyle involves the couple going around each other, forming ‘knots’ with their hands. The LAstyle involves the couple staying in a straight line. The Cuban style is more casual and relaxed whereas the LA style is more technical in movement. Both are super fun, so choose which form to learn based on the class your local school has on offer!


2. Zumba




Zumba is the perfect cardio workout class that’s a fun dance too. Sweat it off with dance sessions that can be tailored to suit your fitness levels. There are both fast-paced and slow-paced Zumba classes. You can even practice Zumba at home, watching videos online!


3. Argentine Tango


Argentine Tango


Back in the late 1800s, the settlers of Buenos Aires came across a mix of cultures that led to the creation of a new, exciting style of music and dance… the Argentine Tango! While the initial undertones of the dance oozed sexual tension, what separates it from regular Tango today is that Argentine Tango speaks of longing, emotion and sensuality.


4. Ballet




Too long has Ballet been stereotyped as an overly effeminate dance. Ballet movements can help mobility and agility tremendously. Simply put, it’s an art form created by and for the human body. Plotless ballets use the body’s movements to express emotions, while other ballets tell elaborate stories. The English National Balletreports that ballet dancing can help relieve Parkinson’s symptoms too.


5. Jazz dance


Jazz Dance


Jazz has become a popular dance style through the years. With major visibility in TV shows, music videos, commercials and movies, it crept up into the mainstream media in the 1950s and has picked up ever since. It’s a highly energetic and loose dance form, consisting of a unique move set, impressive footwork and a lot of fast turns! Ballet dancers are bound to get a better grip on jazz as their core, balance and rhythm tend to be better. A very important factor when it comes to jazz dance is that you're encouraged to add your own personality to the dance. This means that while you’ll be taught a range of jazz steps, you’ll have to make each step your own! 


Dancing is something that we tend to be shy about or often hesitate. However, with multiple health benefits, it’s a great form of art and exercise to learn. Not only will it help you step outside your comfort zone, but it’ll give you a big confidence boost and you’ll realize that fear is truly just a state of mind. Health is a freedom that no one fully understands until they don’t have it. So why worry? Just dance! 



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