Mozaic is the only social networking expansion brand in Hong Kong, thus enabling people to expand their social circles within our eClub. Whether you’re a business professional or an avid creative, Mozaic’s social networking services allow you to meet other like-minded individuals who’re also residents in Hong Kong with similar interests and personal experiences. Our eClub gives members the opportunity to join online and meet other members off-line as part of an organic process.

Managing partners, Carol and Jacqueline, have been friends for over 15 years and have lived in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Being empty nesters, both Carol and Jacqueline wanted a challenge when they were inspired to create a new business together. They were socializing and walking their dogs around The Peak in Hong Kong, while discussing their mutual experiences when they realized that many of their friends shared similar feelings about their shifting family situations.

As we get older, everything changes, children leave home, friends retire or leave, and some people get divorced. It’s due to such shifting situations that we wanted to create an English social networking club as a solution, whereby we wanted to connect with new friends and expand our social circles. Sadly, Hong Kong has limited options for people like us to meet others in the 40s and above. And so, our idea for a great opportunity was born; we would create an English social networking club with various groups for only mature HK residents - a first for networking sites based in HK.

This concept is very personal to us and now, we would like to share it with the rest of Hong Kong.



  • Carol – Managing Partner

    Originally from New Jersey, I formerly worked in Germany, where I met my partner, before moving to Hong Kong with my family more than 20 years ago. I became a full-time mother and volunteer at my children’s school and swim club. I love living in our city, where I appreciate the green outdoors mixed together with the urban city life. My passions are travelling, playing golf, hiking in Hong Kong with our dog, and enjoying a nice dinner with a good wine.

  • Jacqueline – Managing Partner

    I am originally a Vancouverite, but I feel like a Hongkonger now after living here for 27 years. The excitement of co-founding Mozaic has put a spring in my step, which is also fuelled by multiple daily doses of espresso. My passions are meeting new people, travelling, exploring and discovering new cultures. I enjoy yoga, hiking, and plan to start swing dance. Hong Kong’s natural beauty, architecture and design truly inspire me.

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Our team

  • Michael – Executive Office Manager

    Hong Kong born and raised, I’ve followed a career in administration and finance. I’m a keen sportsman enjoying swimming, horse riding, golf and tennis and am always on the lookout for new travel destinations.

  • Michelle – Guest Relations Manager

    I’m young at heart and yearn to expand my horizons, living life “outside the box”. I love travelling and photography, but my absolute passion is dancing - from jazz funk and hip hop, to freestyle. I’m now taking classes, and that’s when I’m happiest.

  • Charlotte – Guest Relations Officer

    I’m spontaneous and fun-loving with a thirst for travel and new experiences. I relish meeting new people on my trips, while adding to the richness and vibrancy of life. My passions are yoga, holistic beauty treatments, and cooking.

  • Paula – Guest Relations Officer

    I’m from Chile with a great enthusiasm for sports, especially triathlon and skiing. I enjoy the outdoors and have a fondness for hiking and discovering all the amazing vistas and views that Hong Kong has to offer. I look forward to sharing these passions with you.

  • Blanca – Guest Relations Officer

    A mother of two, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 25 years. I love this city’s cultural diversity and the chance to meet people from very varied backgrounds. I have a positive outlook and always look on the bright side of life.